Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Two in One

I met up with some repeat clients the other night. It's always such fun to see how much the little ones have grown.

The evening was beautiful and other than a little bit of obnoxious wind, it was perfect for pictures.

This little guy is so somber and serious and a little shy, so I love this picture of his big, beautiful eyes.  It fits him.

What's awesome about this picture is that it was not posed in any way....it just happened exactly like this.

The balloons for a birthday picture didn't go as planned, but it was fun to watch them fly away...

And luckily he brought along his monster truck so we were able to get some great candids of him playing in the dirt and weeds.

They also brought some friends along who were in town visiting.  And so then I got to take pictures of a sweet baby girl as well.

Isn't she the sweetest little thing....we went from monster trucks and dirt.... to pink, bows, bracelets and flowers.  


  1. I should very much like for you to accompany me to Haiti and take pictures of my baby. :)

  2. Wonderful, you blow me away every time!

  3. You captured him perfectly! I may be biased.,but that's one good looking family!

  4. Love all the candids and the somber little boy eyes!


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