Monday, June 7, 2010

The Best

You know what the best sound in the world is?

My little rugrats hard at work vacuuming the stairs, unloading the dishwasher, and putting away books.

It's the best.

The occasional argument that breaks out intermittently, dampers the beautiful music of vacuum motor and clanging of silverware slightly...but only just a little because it is so very glorious.

Oh didn't last long...I guess I must be off to instill motivation and determination in young minds.  They are arguing over whose jobs are harder.  I win.  Mine is for sure.

Wait...there goes the vacuum again...sweet, sweet melody.


  1. I have some stairs as well, send them over this way, I'll put in ear plugs so I can't hear the arguing, I don't mind.

  2. I here you. For whatever is going on in Autumns little head she has been getting up and doing both hers and Savnnas chores in the morning. I wonder what her motive is?

  3. This is why we have kids! I think it's great to teach them how to work...and even better for me to watch them> I can't wait for toilet scrubbing to begin at age 7!


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