Monday, June 28, 2010

A Creative Outlet

I needed to take some pictures just for me...just for fun....and just I took one of my best subjects out to what we call the fields of gold, which happen to be just a hop, skip and jump from our house.  


This one came along too...

...but he didn't care for the weeds.  He had to remove his shoes to extract the pesky things.

Then we all went to the park to take a break and relax.  Q sure loves his big sister.  He made her run up and down a hill over and over and over.  After each run he'd beg her for, "Onemoetime!"


And it was just what I needed.


  1. Beautiful and golden! Love the weeds too! I need to find me a weed patch :O)

  2. what a stunning model! and I LOVE the tuffet.

  3. I think your daughter is growing up to be just like her mommy. :) And how about that vintage stool, Lou?! Zammo! I want 2 scoops of that!

  4. Fields of gold, that's my favorite place, where on earth did you fin that absolutely perfect ottoman/stool and honestly I LOVE the one of Q and Miss B running hand in hand so CUTE. Can I say it's setting in, I'm going to miss you ALL so much!

  5. Those turned out great! I love the golden color and your daughter is absolutely adorable!!

  6. You have such adorable models.

    They are lucky to have all these memories captures on film.

  7. Wow, you are still so amazing with your pictures! I wish we lived close so bad!! I especially love the one of Q looking up at B. So precious! I do love summer so much!


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