Thursday, June 24, 2010

I Hope I Did Better

Last year, Father's day was kind of a flop.  This year I hoped to turn things around.

The kids and I decided to make these awesome Duct tape wallets for Father's Day.  I came across the idea here.  It was a great project for the kids although they needed a little supervision...but the greatest part is...he actually uses it!   If you look, you can just see a credit card peeking over the top of one of the pockets.  It has extra deep pockets, so the cards tend to sink to the bottom a bit, but that's okay.  And we found some cool digital Camo Duct tape at Walmart. Miss B even crafted a dollar bill card for him. She's a hoot.

Mr. C made a card that read, "Happy Father's Day to my favorite pal, Dad" ...let's all take a moment to say, "Awwwwwwwww."  He sure is a sweetheart.  I wonder how long Dad will be his favorite pal....

Dennis made a card too and drew pictures of himself with Dad.

Q followed Dad around all day long as his permanent little shadow...just like he does every other day. 

For his gift from me, I thought and thought and thought and I couldn't come up with one single finally I remembered he had mentioned that he would like to use the little secretary we have to tie flies in.  And the drop down door would be perfect to work on, and then shut...hiding all the mess inside.  The only problem was, it was a mess of papers and office supplies that have accumulated over the years.   Things like bills and kid's school papers and insurance papers and staplers and knick-knacks and odds and ends and pictures and pencils and pens, etc.  So for a few days I would open it up and stare at the huge project and then I would shut it and sigh and walk away and do something else.  Finally I decided I wouldn't let that little bit of clutter to get the best of me and I spent one whole day filing away papers, throwing away junk and slowly but surely, the mess began to shrink.  And now he has his own little fly-tying station and is pleased as punch about it. 

 I love happy endings.

For church wear...the kidlets decorated a thrift store tie with various and assorted items, including 5 blue buttons, 3 white buttons, 4 red buttons, 1 gold bead, 1 piece of paper, 2 pieces of felt, 1 penny, 2 wads of string, 2 letter D's (the A fell off during church) and 1 safety pin.  Did you find them all?

I made Chicken Noodle Soup with homemade noodles (he really loves homemade noodles) for dinner.  With butterscotch chip cookies for dessert.  And I wondered, just like I always do, why it is exactly I don't make homemade noodles very often, because they really aren't very hard at all.  Weird.

It was a nice, simple day...and hopefully I redeemed myself...because he really does deserve some proper fatherly recognition.


  1. Lou, you're better than me. I wish I had your skills, creativity, motivation, talent, energy, spice, originality, personality, etc.!!! I would just have to pop you one if I didn't love you so much! ;~)

  2. Cute ideas. We love making our own noodles for soup. They really are the best.

  3. I'm pleased as punch and would love to try your chicken noodle soup and butterscotch chip cookies.

  4. I remember last year's post...this turned out much better!

    Duct tape is amazing...we have discovered little bags and even flip flops (although not comfortable).

    I am happy it was so fun


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