Thursday, June 3, 2010

Lacerations, Abrasions, Dislocations, Medications and Burns

We went to The Cabin over the long weekend and visited with family.  It was nice.  There's not too much better than yummy food, nowhere to go and kids totally occupied with outdoors and cousins.  And because you know I enjoy food, I have to mention its greatness for a bit.  The greatness included fluffy biscuits dipped in butter and then rolled in cinnamon and sugar, Belgian waffles with Nutella, berries and whipped cream, fabulous homemade Alfredo with penne, super subs, and Cafe Rio-style taco salads with all the trimmings. Mmmmm.

Anyway, the weekend was only marred by some minor accidents and illness...and that's how you know it was a successful trip.

Q managed to get quite a burn on his arm at home before we left and so I had to keep his arm clean, bandaged and covered with burn cream.  No easy task, I tell you for a crazy toddler in the dirt and rocks.  And then the poor little guy fell over outside and somehow managed to slice his pinkie pretty good.  That meant more bandaging and ointments.

One of the cousins had cut his knee pretty badly just after arriving and so a group of family members and friends gathered to clean and bandage his wound thoroughly.

Then his little two year old sister somehow ended up with a dislocated elbow.  After a trip down the mountain to have it put back in place, she (for reasons only known to herself) shoved a gummy bear up her nose.  At least gummy bears dissolve...

Next another cousin burned his hand on the wood burning stove.  It was minor though.  And then his brother had a stomach ache and lost his lunch on the tire swing.  We think it was altitude because he was fine after that.

On the second to last day and just before a lovely dinner, Mr. C stepped on a rusty metal grate, causing it to flip in his face and give him a good gash just about his eyebrow, and luckily missing his eye. His father and I loaded him up in the truck with pressure and ice on his head and headed down the mountain.  We had to turn around part way there and run back for the insurance card.  Anyway, he received five stitches and was so very brave.  They had no topical numbing agent available and so had to give him three or four shots right into the wound.  His little face contorted and twitched and pinched tight and turned red but he did not cry out or move.  They had him in a straight jacket and I stood there watching while three big teardrops slid down my cheeks for my brave little boy.  It was horrid to watch him hurt and not be able to do anything about it.  After that though, it was smooth sailing.  The doctor and nurses talked and laughed with him and gave him a giant syringe for a squirt gun and complimented his bravery and courage.  He was thrilled.  He is quite enamored with the hospital bracelet he got too.

After we were through, the three of us stopped for some shakes and popcorn before we headed back up the mountain.  It was a nice little time together...even if it was all because of stitches.

Anyway, combine that with Dennis' case of Strep and it's been quite the week for ointments, creams, bandages and medicine.


  1. Heaven's to murdertroits, Lou! What a peck of prickled and peppered pickles! I'm glad that rusty grate missed C's eye, though. Gadzooks! The stars must have all been aligned and there was more gravity upon that fateful mountain that day or something. Who knows?! I dig the squirt syringe... Not enough to go through what C went through to get it, mind you. Hey! Why don't us women get cool toys like that after having gone to the gyno or something?! Those visits are equally miserabobble. I should say we deserve a prize for our sufferings!

  2. Sounds quite like you all had yourselves a busy trip. Glad you arrived home with all your limbs in tack.

  3. There's something about those holiday weekends. I have so many stories about ER trips it's crazy. I used to be really paranoid, but now I just go and hope for the best.

    That WAS quite the weekend huh? Glad everyone is ok. It could always be worse. And has been!

    Man, I missed the waffles with nutella? Darn it.


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