Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My House

I have a childhood friend who has always been a great artist.  He was primarily my little brother's good buddy and his sister and I spent many an hour on my front porch playing Barbies.  Back then that sweet porch was covered in faux grass.  Awesome.

So I had him paint that porch plus the rest of the house a bit ago and fell in love with it.  He did a superb job.  I have it hanging in my house and it brings back so many great memories.  I love that porch.  The people watching, the leg tanning, the book reading, the picnics, the rain watching, the Barbie villages, the apricot was simpler then.

Anyway, he has a site called Fifteen Dollar Freehand... check it out. It's a fun gift idea.  I bought this little yellow bird from him shall go in my guest bathroom.  The ones the birds used to live in.  Very fitting, eh?!  Oh and yes, they all grew up and flew away.  What a relief!


  1. oh i love the pic of the house!! i remember teat porch so well too. the swing and grandma's songs, oh the memories.

  2. Dude, I just checked out his site... I LOVE IT! Is this anybody I know? I think I'll have him do an 8x10 of some jungle animals for Tyler's room. :)


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