Tuesday, June 1, 2010


I've been wanting to make pinwheels for the kids ever since before Easter but never got around to it.  I finally decided it would be a perfect kickoff for summer.

I followed Martha's directions, although I used double-sided scrapbook paper instead of gluing two single-sided sheets together and I couldn't find map pins, but found that quilting pins work better than the regular straight pins as they are thicker.  I also cut off the tops of some tacks and glued them to the tips of the quilting pins to get the fun, colored circle middles.  For the sticks I used bamboo skewers and I would advise getting the biggest ones you can so you can carefully hammer the quilting pins in for a sturdy hold.  I also hot glued the pins to the skewers for double protection.  And my last tip is to use one large bead or two small beads in between your pinwheel and the skewer to keep the paper from hitting the wood as it twirls, and slowing it down.


Q walked around for quite some time, mumbling "Mine" and mangling these two orange pinwheels to unrecognizable paper blobs.  But that's okay.  They made him happy, which made me happy, and that of course was the main objective....and to look cute too...but mostly to be played with and to make everyone happy.  


The wind all of a sudden picked up whilst Mr. C was having his picture taken, and his pinwheel took off like mad.  It was crazy.  I was afraid Mr. C was going to lift off the ground as his own little helicopter self... 


Check out the concentration...and the lips...
        This one likes to run around the house at break neck speed making the pinwheels spin until I think they're gonna spin right off.  Good times.

They're just so summery and delightful...

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  1. Oh, Lou... I'll never be like you. :~( But I do so enjoy viewing your talents! You are the perfect mommy. :) I shall need you around each year for my little boy's birthdays so that he will have something fun to do at least once a year. ;~)


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