Friday, June 4, 2010

Straw Glasses

I took some quick group snaps for Dennis' preschool one day toward the end of the year.  It was a hoot.  Those kids are hilarious

And Dennis' preschool teacher is awesome.  She does so many amazing crafts and activities and events.  Dennis shed tears when he realized he would not be coming back but would be moving on to Kindergarten.

I love this picture the best.

Then they had a fun pizza picnic in the park and a birthday party for all the summer birthdays.

Silly boys.  They absolutely insisted on wearing their crowns like this for the photo.

This is from when Dennis and his classmates were each transformed into a TV and got to be on the "News" and tell all about themselves. 

The Graduation was a few days later and when it was time for the procession, Dennis was scared spitless and hiding under the table, refusing to suit up in his "gown" (dad's white shirt on backwards).  I talked and talked and talked to him and told him how I had the best graduation present for him if he were brave.  I told him the present was a pair of straw glasses.  His interest was piqued, he gathered up his courage, got in his cap and gown, stood in line with his classmates, marched down when his name was read and even threw his cap in the air after receiving his diploma.  It was a riot!  A complete 360 from only moments earlier.  And all because of straw glasses that set me back a whopping one dollar. Sweetness.  I love it when that happens.  


He loves them a lot. So much so he sleeps with them. And can you even help yourself from giggling?  I know I can't.


  1. That is TOO great! Love the goggles. I think we'd all get our 8 glasses of water a day if we could drink it through some sweet straw glasses like those!

  2. I really like the pinwheels...really pretty paper!

    What great ideas for old shirt backwards and then those glasses. I also like the news box.

    Those recipes are pretty crazy...the sour toast is a bit too much. What color does it turn out? Sounds like a rainbow.

    And I am glad that everyone survived the camping trip. Good thing the food was so yummy!

  3. I've always loved the straw glasses, but am always lost when it comes to the cleaning process.


  4. That's AWESOME! I LOVE straw glasses...I'd do a 360 too for some of those! ;)
    Michael has a really great pre-school teacher too, he will be sad when he leaves her also.

  5. I would like a pair of straw glasses please, I'll be good I promise!


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