Monday, July 26, 2010

River Fun

We had a half day stop in Southern Utah on our way to Idaho and spent a few hours at the river with some of my family before we left.  Mr. C promptly took Q under the falls, but Q was less than thrilled.  Good thing Papa was close at hand to save the day.

Dennis found these orange sunglasses....what you can't see are the rhinestones bedazzling the sides.  Sweet.

After playing in the water for a bit, these two were happily munching on some morsels when all of a sudden, and out of the blue... a big yellow dog sprang from the bushes and in two quick swallows, snatched each toddler's lunch and then just as quickly bounded away.  One little boy let out a huge, open-mouthed yell while the other stuck his finger in his mouth, pushed out his bottom lip and whimpered.  The rest of us laughed and laughed (and comforted the two sulking boys).  The dog didn't hurt them at all and it was just such a surprising, funny experience from start to finish.  I'm sure the tots were shocked to say the least.  

Luckily Papa saved the day again...this time with doughnuts.

And I'm a blonde again....although take in mind that objects under blazing sun appear lighter than they actually are... (most notably the tip top of my seems platinum almost).

We saw this cool bird too.

Oh and Miss B caught a fish with the help of some of the local kids.  They just used a line and a hook, held with their finger or a pencil with bologna or a hot dog chunk for bait.  Miss B was thrilled.  All fish were apparently going to be released at the end of the day's activities.

Then some of us got tired and so we went home to clean up and pack up for our big drive.


  1. What fun! Where are those falls at? They look delightful and positively refreshing. And I can't believe B caught a fish - especially whilst using her hotdog and bologna methods. Man, I wish you guys lived closer. You really know how to LIVE.

  2. I am with the other two comments, do tell please. I loved the dog story.

  3. If you were a better photographer you would have captured the dog stealing the lunches, I just don't beleive that story. :) Altho the day looks like tons of fun and I'm so glad that B is taking after her dad. Also I just LOVE your blonde hair.

  4. how fun, where is this fun water park? its perfect for st george


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