Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Tip and a Trip

If you are ever trying out one of your older sister's Heelys, while carrying a heavy pitcher of water half your size, and wearing your church clothes on your way outside to water some plants... are liable to step off the back step, have the wheels roll out from under you...throwing you to the concrete on your backside, which in turn launches the pitcher in the air, causing the water to fly out all over you and your church clothes...rendering your mother's thirsty tomato plants dry and you completely wet.

I know because I watched it happen to dear ol' Dennis.  And luckily the pants dried in time for church...and even more lucky...Dennis was left unscathed.

The things I see happen around this couldn't even make them up.


  1. Oh amen to that sister. AMEN to THAT! I don't know if I got a preview of my life before living it, but I'm sure it was a comedic page turner....

  2. Oh man, thoses things are dangerous for shizzle. I was scared to death to buy Claire those, luckily she survived and has now out grown them. Thomas once tried out one of those razor scooters in Costco when they first came out like 10 years ago and bit it so hard on the concrete floor and had to lay there for like 10 minutes to regain his composure and milk his wounds. He had a huge bruise on his elbow and was sore for days. Lots of info I know but for some reason your story reminded me of that.


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