Tuesday, August 10, 2010


It's that time again....back to school.

Here are the requisite first-day-of-school mug shots that are inevitably accompanied with moans and groans and "Hurrrrry uuuup, Mommmmm!"

And Miss B always has trouble looking at the sky at practically any given time of day even if she's in the shade...errrr...I guess her eyes are uber sensitive or something.... hence the red-rimmed eyeballs and slightly squinty look.

Mr. C is just growing up to be a fine young man I think.  

And....Dennis goes to Kindergarten.  Say a little prayer for his teacher.  No, actually he's a pretty good kiddo... *crossing fingers*

And yes we cleaned out Walmart's school supply section. Three kids in school equals copious amounts of school supplies...plus the extras we buy to have on hand because they are so cheap this time of year.

I found these fine sneakers last minute for five buckaroos.  Dennis enjoys them....especially the zippers...that you can't really see.

After taking pictures, loading backpacks and making lunches, we headed off to school.  Dennis could hardly contain himself.  I could hardly keep myself from melting. It was so disgustingly hot.  Ick.  It should be illegal to be this hot.

When we got there Dennis sat right down and got to work...and made not a peep nor a whimper.

Q and I will miss him though.

After school, I picked up three hot kids and then I remembered why I dislike the first day of school.  Ugggg.  I thought my head would explode as I went through (as written in my exaggerating/sarcastic font):

17 pages needing signatures
44 student information sheets
672 pages of rules, regulations, handbooks and expectations
33 letters from teachers, librarians, art teachers, band teachers and principals...
not to mention the random volunteer forms, PTA sign-ups, and multitudes of calendars, schedules and questionnaires.  

One questionnaire in particular asked for Dennis to finish the following sentence,  "I hope my teacher...".  He replied with, "I hope my teacher is a robot."  What a strange kid he is.  Somehow I don't think that's what his teacher was looking for...but I copied it down anyway.

Needless to say, we ate frozen taquitoes for dinner.  I did heat them up first though.


  1. After such a busy day I am glad you remembered to heat up your taquitoes :)

  2. Oh I am looking forward to all of that...less than 2 weeks now. Hopefully the kids don't kill themselves before hand. I did have to fill out all the paper work times 3 already to register them, the dumb thing is I know I am going to have to do it all again once they actually go to school.

  3. You have one adorable school crew! And all those school supplies makes me want to go stock up myself even though I don't have any school age children.


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