Monday, August 16, 2010

How to Grow Half a Mustache and Other Misadventures

Mr. C went fly fishing with Dad and Grandpa a bit ago...and whilst they were gone I received a picture text with this slightly disturbing picture and a message about heading to the Urgent Care.

Apparently a gust of wind caught Grandpa's back cast and hooked Mr. C with a wooly bugger (a type of fly).  He let out a yelp and then was fine after that...I suppose it was kind of like a piercing.  Once the initial pinch was was smooth sailing.  And luckily my husband had tied the fly himself so he could help the doctor unravel the fly part so they could poke the hook all the way through the other side and pull the rest out.  That particular hook had already caught a few fish so Mr. C had to take some antibiotics to ward off any infection.  I try not to imagine the fish guts lodged in his face...

He does look fetching in his mini waders though, don't you think?

Afterwards, Mr. C got a lot of jokes about getting hooked on fishing, being part fish and growing gills, as well as various jibes about mustaches and being too young for facial hair.  I think he loved it.

He's had a crazy, accident-filled summer.  And boy-oh-boy are kids expensive.  When you add up Mr. C's stitches and hook removal (including antibiotics) plus Dennis' cast...woweeee!  And that doesn't even count the regulars like school clothes, lunch stuff, school supplies, backpacks, lunch sacks, new shoes, music lessons, sports sign-ups, doctor's visits, dentist cleanings....phew.  Plus I heard it just gets more expensive the older they get!  Aaaaack!  I better start saving now.

As for the other misadventure...I instructed Dennis to brush his teeth the other morning and he ran off to do just that.   He walked out a few minutes later clutching a toothbrush in one hand and a tube of hydrocortisone cream in the other.  He grinned proudly at me, flashing me his newly "cleaned" pearly whites.  Needless to say there was a quick call to Poison Control where they assured me he would be fine.  I have called Poison Control more times with that kid...

Anyway, later we had a conversation that went something like this:

Me:  So, what did the hydrocortisone taste like anyway?
Dennis:  It tasted like chocolate!
Me:  Are you sure?  I can't see how it tasted like chocolate.
Dennis:  Have you ever tried it? Even when you were a kid?
Dennis:  Never ever?  You never tried hydra toothpaste?
Me:  No, I brushed my teeth with regular toothpaste. 

I am not willing to try it though...even if it does taste like chocolate.   


  1. Oh my!! Too funny on both stories.

  2. Thats hilarious, I'm glad he's ok!! His little waders are adorable! :)

  3. Oh. MY. GOSH! That pic just gives me the heebie jeebies!! Blech!!!!! And YUCK! *shivers*

  4. Well that is one "fly" mustache if I've ever seen one!! (Note the dual meaning. ;) What a great story. :)

    Next time, have Dennis try Preparation H whilst teeth brushing and see how that works out for him... LOL

  5. YIKES WITH THE FISH HOOK! I shall warn Q about fishing with Kevin :)

    Hooray!!! I finally got to a comp with the internet and got to see Annie's pics! You are amazing!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM! THANK YOU SO MUCH! I can't wait to brag about you and Annie on my blog!


    ...and that chair really is so cool isn't it. You can borrow it anytime, just watch out for the neighbors!

  6. Sorry but I am probably going to have to call CPS on you. Sometimes thats just the way to cookie crumbles but thanks for all of the evidence on this and Dennis' poison control addiction.

  7. Sheesh, that is hilarious! I couldn't stop laughing! Glad he is okay :O) I've hooked someone once with my wild back cast...only once.


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