Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Mountain and Alley {Phoenix Wedding Photographer}

Here it is...finally...the next installment of the Engagement/Bridal session from last month...phew!

We were prepared with bug spray this time to ward off the evil mosquitoes on the mountain top...and it worked.  They swarmed around us in herds and flocks but they couldn't get through that deet barrier.  I like bug spray.  

This shoot proved to be just as fun, crazy and delightful as the engagements.  These two lovebirds had to change clothes in the most random places...tromp through fields and over rocks, hang out in sweltering alleyways and plus look handsome and beautiful.  Kudos to the bride's mother for purchasing the very fabulous bouquet.



We almost melted in this alley but luckily the door had broken off one of the old buildings and for some reason or another, the most delightfully cool, air-conditioned air was flowing out of it.  We took turns standing in front of the barred doorway to glory in the wonder that is air-conditioning.  How lucky are we to have happened upon something like that?!

This wondrous wall was the next best thing to the cool air.  I love the block windows, crumbly brick, dripping moss and peeling plaster.  I do.  I love it.  And thank goodness we got a few snaps before the sun overtook the whole of it.


  1. Lou, you should write books. Your verbiage is every bit as enchanting as your photography skills, and your photography skills are UNRIVALED. You could be on the New York Times Best Selling Books List! Think of it! The fame! The fortune! And I could could say that I remembered you when... :)

  2. I like bug spray on wedding gowns. Love the yellow flowers and her engagement ring. It all looks absolutely d-r-e-a-m-y.


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