Thursday, August 12, 2010

She's a Mom

I can't get over it.  My friend of twenty years had her first baby and I just happened to be in town and was able to take their pictures.  It was so fun and sweet to watch her snuggle and giggle and ooooh and ahhhh over that brand new baby girl.

And look at this amazingly fabulous chair she dug up!  A lady even stopped us on our way asking what we were doing with it...hoping we were off to rid the world of it, so she could take it off our hands and plop it right down in her living room.  Too bad though... I think it has a home already.  And I say too bad because I had my eye on it as well!


This smooch was total and unplanned spontaneity (wait I guess that's kinda redundant).  I did nothing but see a cute moment, mumble a quick, "Awwwwww," and snap a picture.  And that's when I saw the cute lipstick kiss marks and had to finish off the sequence.


  1. Those are adorable pictures, what a cute family!! And I love that chair!

  2. She's so cute and the parents look fabulous! Can't believe she's just a few weeks old! And that o my! I'd pay a handsome price for it!

  3. That chair is exquisite! (Do you like how I used sesame street word of the joke.) Love the pics!

  4. I love those last three. Especially the first of the three with the scrunched up cheeck. Nothing, and I mean nothing, better than a newborn babe.


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