Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Apple Picking

We headed out to the middle of the desert last weekend to go on an apple-picking adventure.  We went two years ago... a mere two days before Q made his big debut, so everyone was excited to go back.  Last time, there were no apples left by the time we got there (only pears), so we were happy to get some pears and apples this time.

It always amazes me how this little orchard suddenly appears right out of nowhere, smack dab in the middle of Joshua Trees, cacti and dirt.  And boy was it hot...but luckily the trees gave us some shade.

Miss B specifically chose this lovely little rusted, turquoisey-green wheelbarrow just for me as she knew I would love it.  She knows me well.


This is the look you get when you are trying to get a busy toddler to look at you, by frantically yelling, "Hey!  Look up here... is there a bug on Mommy's head?!" 


We left with 16 lbs of pears and apples (combined, not each).  We had a great time and the kids loved it and want to go every year.  

We had a quick picnic before heading home, of sandwiches, Pringles and Circus Animal Cookies...but the cookies were a melted mess, so we took them home in the ice chest to enjoy later. 

I took a picture of Miss B next to this rusted beauty two years ago... and so I insisted that the three big kiddies pose for me after lunch.  I'll have to catch Q next time...

I had to dig down deep and find my inner domestic diva to figure out what to do with all that fruit once we got home.

So I bottled some, we made Apple Crisp with others and we still have plenty of bite-sized snacking type ones.  Sweet.  And look how pretty they are too.


  1. Looks like so much fun! Where is that apple orchard at, is it far? I love the pictures in front of the old rusted beauty, very cute!!

  2. Looks like you were quite a bit more successful than last time. Thats good. It does look so sweaty and dang hot though. Im diggin Q's sweat curley Q's.

  3. Sounds like you had a wonderful time! Such gorgeous photos - I love love love that wheelbarrow. The color is wonderful, and I adore the rusty, chippy goodness that is the paint. Not for eating, though, of course :)

  4. Lou! That first pic of miss B looks like she is fishing for fruit! And it was extra funny because before I scrolled down further, the wheelbarrow looked like a little boat. Twas a delightful little scene.

  5. yum - apples without the wax coating are just so much tastier, and it looks very fun too!

  6. Makes me want to go apple hunting! The natural scenery was really terrific.


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