Thursday, September 2, 2010


Clear back in mom and sisters were visiting...and I got a smokin' deal on a room at a resort and so away we went with our swimming suits, waterproof cameras, sunscreen, reading material, sunglasses and floppy hats.

There were many pools and one water park... complete with slide and waterfalls and-- glory of all glories, a lazy river...and that's what we were MOST excited for.  The lazy river.

Look at my cute preggo sister (the blonde).  She was about six months along then and you can hardly tell....


After we got settled in, we went to dinner at Carlos O'Brien's where we thought we could eat Mexican and Irish food together...for goodness sake, the sign had a three-leaf clover wearing a sombrero...but alas, it was only Mexican fare so far as we could tell.  But we did eat one heavenly chimichanga smothered with cream cheese and green chilies.  And almost anything smothered with cream cheese is heavenly. 

And then we headed off to the lazy river for a quick dip before bed.

The next day we donned our sun hats and just floated and swam to our hearts' content.  And our hearts can hold a lot of floating.  I found out that long periods of hanging on a tube can leave one's arms (right up around the armpits--if I knew muscles, I'd tell you the one) extremely sore for a few days.



We also had an outrageous time with our water cameras.  I haven't laughed so hard in a long time, both in the taking of the pictures and upon seeing the results.  Trying to look photogenic underwater is tricky!



Then after a long day of soaking and sun, we were off for checkout and lunch...

...where we dined on some delightful fried chicken and waffles. Mmmmm MMMMM. Yum.  Plus we got cheesy grits and mac 'n cheese and lemonade in a mason jar.  It's the best.  Right up there with cream cheese-smothered chimichangas.  But don't tell my hubby and kiddos we had fried chicken and waffles.  They would be supremely jealous.  It will be our little secret...

And I know it doesn't look too appetizing, but go with me on this one...or don't and leave more for me!


  1. Fried chicken AND waffles?? At the SAME TIME? LOU? Is it really you or has someone hijacked your website??

    And... Thou shalt never go do something like this again without inviting me FIRST!!! I got feelings too, Lou! ;)

    P.S. Where were your kiddies? Did they survive?

  2. i just got back from a similiar experience with the girls on my moms side of the family on a girls trip at a resort in vegas..very supremo!!!

  3. oops i meant to comment on this post. i accidentally did the one below. oops.

    p.s. your family is adorable! ah

  4. That big dollop of butter melting in the middle of the waffle is truly making me drool! I should make waffles for dinner :O)

  5. Sounds fun. Glad you got to get away with your sisters and mom.

  6. Makes me wish I had sisters!

    How delightfully fun.

  7. Looks like some good relaxing girl time. I feel like I should congradulate you or something. You know on time well spent.

  8. soul sister and soul food - the perfect combination! glad you got a little getaway!

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