Friday, September 24, 2010

The Great Quilt Endeavor

Miss B's room has been a little drab since we moved in and I finally got around to adding some pizazz.  Her bedspread was a zebra striped duvet and I decided it was too monochromatic for my taste (I do love color) I searched online and found some awesome quilts at Pottery Barn and other stellar (and pricey) places...but I couldn't justify the price tag. So, I spotted a sweet turquoise quilt at Target for about $30...and then set out on an adventure to make my own, small lap quilt for the foot of her bed.  

Let me just insert here that I am not a quilter in any way shape or form so I was quite apprehensive... however, I forged bravely ahead into unknown territory and ordered some great Amy Butler fabric squares from Ebay, which was awesome because they were already cut out and everything.  I did add a lot of fabric I already had to make it the size I wanted, plus I saved money and used up extra remnants at the same time! Love that.

Anyway, I sewed up the squares, bought some $2 fabric from Walmart for the back as well as some batting and was then ready to stitch it all together....and that's the part I was scared silly about.  My quilting friend told me some tips and tricks and helped me out when I had to unpick and redo parts, but I actually did it all on the machine and it worked!!  I sewed straight lines down the middle and then some zig-zags to add a little texture.  I will tell you now that pins are your friends.  Do not leave them out or you will be cursed in all your quilt projects, for they are pure magic.  Love your pins... they are such a marvelous invention and they get so little credit for the great and wondrous things they do.

My sister-in-law helped me with the binding.  She knows how to do a completely invisible binding stitch, so she did half for me and showed me the ropes and then I finished off the other half all by my lonesome.  I am very pleased with the final result and more importantly, so is Miss B.  She loves the colors and patterns and loves that I made it.

And we also added some empty frames to fill up her big wall and made a few throw pillows.

Now to get those shelves hung on the other side of her room...


  1. Oooh, Ahhh, and Oh!

    Oooh... I love it.

    Ahhh... It is beautiful - very tasteful and refreshing.

    Oh... I suck! I can't do this kind of thing. You are a brave girl.

    Lou, please move closer to me! I need your wisdom and inspiration. PLEASE! I BEG of you!!!

  2. How much do you charge to make me one??? :O) I'd love to add some pizazz to my extra room! Looks outstanding!

  3. It turned out SO cute! Nice job! I love Miss B's overall room. so vintage.

  4. Ok, which sister-in-law is the sewer? Because I may need to invest in some lessons myself...

  5. SO smart to start with a lap quilt, Erika! Nice mix of fabrics, and so sweet of your sister-in-law to do half of the binding stitching... quite tedious, but worth it! Looks fantastic!!

  6. Looks great! I am so glad that you got over your scared silliness-ness & whipped up a great room. I'm forging ahead with my home....I guess. :) Hmmmm now I am wanting a creamsicle...I wonder why?

  7. I LOVE the room, great colors!! Great job on the quilt, I'm gonna have to try making one someday.

  8. Love it! Quilting isn't as bad as everyone thinks it is. Glad you took a stab at it because it looks incredible! Now there really is nothing you can't do. Her room is super cute.

  9. Her room is beyond the colors, headboard, and especially the quilt. You have such an eye for crafty things!!


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