Wednesday, September 15, 2010

More Minis

I had another fabulously successful mini shoot the other evening.  'Twas delightful.  Really.  Except for the worry of snakes.  We did see a lot of holes.  I hoped they were from furry critters...but that would probably mean the slithery ones were close by.  Oh well.  We were careful and saw nothing but lizards.

Here are three beautiful ladies on a lovely, lovely September evening.





  1. I LOVE them!!! I've been so excited to see them! You are so talented, thank you so much!! :)

  2. They look great. Liitle A has gotten so big and such long hair. So cute!

  3. Every photo shoot you do is amazing...and this one is so fun filled with cute girls!! Love the cute clothes everyone is wearing!

  4. um.. what are the odds of getting a CD with Annie's pics? Too late?

    ...Am I always going to feel like I get things done about 4 weeks too late?

    Your photos are gorgeous as usual. Everyone asks me about you- when I tell then your locale they are super sad.

    Carry on.

    ps: Hooray for B- there is finally another girl coming!!!!


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