Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Holiday bookings are starting to fill up fast, so get your name on the list if you are wanting family pictures.  I am planning on not taking anymore clients after around the middle to end of November so I can kick back and try to enjoy the holidays a little more this year.  It gets SUPER crazy-busy!

Also, I am scheduling a last minute children's mini session for sometime next week in the late afternoon/evening.  I have a few spots available so email me at, if you are interested and for more details.  The cost is $20 per kid and you will receive two different poses that I will email to you in both color and BW.  I will take enough pictures to be sure we get two good ones.  I will also bring a couple of props if you are interested (you will have to bring your own dog though if you want to use one as a prop as I do not own a doggie... much to my children's chagrin).

And to clarify, it doesn't have to be kids.  If you want two photos of yourself, spouse, mom, dad, grandpa...that's fine with me too...or if you want to buy an extra slot for two pictures of your kids together, whatever.


  1. You just stick to your guns about not having a dog, Lou. The Lord will bless you for your righteousness. :)

  2. Remind me exactly what "kick back and enjoying the holidays" is again... Cuz I've yet to figure that one out!! :) Isn't the definition of holidays: going crazy, having a million things to do, until you are so burnt out that you want to pull your hair out? jk...

  3. You had your chance to own a dog, you mean, mean mom. Ugh wish I could sign up, I'm already stressing as what to do this year for holliday pics when I've had yours to compare to for the last few years. Possible stick figure drawings are my best options. :)

  4. oh glory me. i've been to that resort so many times (my grandma lives there- and that's where we stay) it has kind of become home ha sad but i love it. so many great memories. so glad you had a fun time!


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