Monday, September 6, 2010

They're Overtaking My Home

We've been attacked by silly bands.  They are everywhere and that's all that gets talked or thought about.

These are some of Miss B's favorites.  They trade them at school, they make up games with them at home, they do extra chores to earn money to buy more...they eat, drink and sleep silly bands.

(Miss B was so excited with the above shot because she didn't even have to smile.)

(The kid loves disco eyes for some reason...I can't figure it out.)

I will admit though, having a few packs on hand makes for great motivation.


  1. seriously, even kids in my college classes have these!! Silly new craze. I've seen princess ones too, where they are of Disney princesses or other Disney characters as well.

  2. She put those on my piano last week and I had no idea what they were! Nice to know! I love all the pics, you are so talented! :)

  3. I hear ya!!! They are everywhere because they have taken over down South as well. It is so amazing to me that they are everywhere! Good to see you and your sisters have such a great time together.

  4. Funny how history repeats itself with a twist. I remember the good ol' days of yesteryear where we had those plastic chain type necklaces that you could link a plethora of different charms onto and those multi colored stretch heart bracelets. Ya gotta love kid styles!

  5. Man its been forever since I got to catch up on a blog. So much fun stuff going on. I love the differant pictures of you with your kids. Silly bands are crazy. I have had a fun time finding differant fun ones. We'll catch up some day.

  6. I was just thinking whoever thought of this lame brain idea is a genious. Why do wierd things like this catch on and we all go crazy over these? Do you remember trolls or garbage pail kids? Craziness that is now part of our house as well.

  7. These make me laugh to see these b/c it is the same song/different verse. Remember "slap" bands?!

    I think it was the salvation of the measuring tape business to turn those things into something popular. It was so "awesome" "cool" and "bitchin" to have a slap band maaaan. ;D

    And beer and pizza in the park - what a combination. I mean "root" beer of course. :D


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