Thursday, October 7, 2010

Adventures in Posing

Q and I ventured out to meet up with a new-found photographer friend and her son the other day.  The plan was to just have fun, take some pictures of each other and be able to talk photography with someone else who likes to talk photography, instead of boring friends and family members to tears with our incessant ramblings.

We found some great spots, we grabbed a giant pretzel at a little German shop to split between all four of us (it was a GIANT pretzel) some lemonade and wandered around taking pictures, chatting and looking for new locations. Too bad it was so disgustingly hot, or it would have been absolutely perfect. 

So, without further ado, I present... the lovely Lori of Calhoun Ink.


And then my turn.  Woosh!  It was haaard, HARD to be photographed, because as soon as I took center stage, those pesky little insecurities smacked me right between the eyes, making me practically stagger back (I hope my eyes don't crinkle too much or that I smile that really crooked smile... gosh I think my hair is too frizzy today and I sure hope I don't have anything in my teeth...)  So kudos to you my dear clients.  You make it seem so easy!  And I have a new-found respect for all the hard work you do.

And luckily Lori is talented in the area of making one feel relaxed and comfortable.   She's a miracle worker.


  1. Good for you, Lou! Sounds like fun. :) Ya gotta do things like that from time to time so as not to lose the "YOU" that's deep down inside amid all the humming and droning rigors of life.

    And by the way... those "pesky insecurities" as you called them are simply adoring traits that all of your friends, family and fans LOVE about you!

  2. You are such a natural supermodel. Love the pics. I will say that Q is so adorable with his gumdrops in those pictures that I almost want to eat some and I do not enjoy them at all. Tammi

  3. I talked cameras today - with the Radio Shack guys. I asked why the 10megapxl Canon Power Shot, that was discontinued, cost the exact same as the 12.1 megapxl Canon that was brand new. They said it was really complicated....

    Maybe they just think that we don't know how to do math....

  4. Thanks again! We had a delightful time, and we hope to do it again, sooner rahter than later.

    p.s. Those little sammies were delish. Hoping maybe you'll share how you made them? {{cough}} blog post {{cough}}.

  5. I love the lighting, the poses, the outfits! You both look so natural in front of the camera!

  6. girls are so beautiful. I love these pictures, and the location is fun too!

  7. Looks like fun! By the way I LOVE YOUR FEET! They are so photogenic! I like the way they twist and cross, such character in those to feet of yours. Photography is so much fun!

  8. You are both good models. I'm sure it's hard for you being on the other side...but it looks like fun. great shots of both of you lovely ladies!


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