Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Green Eyes

I asked Miss B to model for me directly after school yesterday as I had suddenly developed an itch for my camera button.  She obliged willingly, acted silly, made faces, and put up with me fixing settings and placing her in different places over and over and over.  It was fabulous except for the fact that when I pulled up these images, especially the second one, I gasped...because she looks so grown up it hurts.  I really love that she is captured as she is every day in all her regular glory...down to her fly-away hair and crooked smirk because all too soon she may not want to be caught dead with fly-away hair.


(For anyone interested in the photography aspect, I did very minimal editing to these...just levels, slight sharpening and some burning. Period.)

Continue leaving comments, etc for the Giveaway in the previous post.  It is still up until the 25th.


  1. What a beautiful girl, the pictures turned out great, she's going to love all these great pictures when she's older!!

  2. She sure is a pretty girl, not like those creepy kids down below. :)

  3. She is beautiful and I know what you mean, it goes by so fast. You are a great mom!


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