Friday, October 8, 2010

My Boy

I realized the other day that I haven't taken any solo pictures of my Dennis lately, so I set out to remedy the situation immediately.  I informed him of my plans and he enthusiastically replied, "Yes!  I love getting my pictures taken!"...which was the perfect answer, of course.

After a busy afternoon of driving kids to and from piano lessons, we ran home..I picked out some clothes and props (I thought a school theme would be fitting since he just started Kindergarten) and we rushed outside just as the sun was setting.  I decided to take the photos in the empty field across the street due to the rapidly fading light.  We both ran like the dickens to get to the exact spot I wanted, threw down the props and I started snapping away.  He was so good and cooperative and we had a good time.  Part way through, in true boy fashion, he asked if he could kick the dirt as soon as he was finished.  I granted his wish.

When we got home, I introduced him to yellow and red bell peppers dipped in ranch while I made fajitas.  He and I were chomping away and invited Mr. C (who is mildly picky) to try some.  He emphatically declined and then said how it wasn't fair that Dennis' taste buds liked more things than his did. I thought it was an interesting way to look at it.

He has thee scrawniest little chicken legs.  They kill me.   And he makes the craziest faces.


Oh how I love the little imp and his pretty blue eyes.


  1. He is so cute! But growing up too quickly! Love the look in the 2nd pic!

  2. He is a fly, school-going little dude. :)

  3. BLUE EYES?! this ruins the whole-entire-family-has-green-eyes thing that Landon is always pushing... but he's adorable nonetheless :) such a good looking boy... He must take after one of his favorite aunts...

  4. He is too those little chicken legs and big blue eyes!

  5. OH Dennis, these make me think of those you snapped of him in his footie jammies in his crib because you knew there wasn't much time of those. He's getting so big and I love how serious he is in most of the pictures. Man I miss your kids. By the way I am diggin his hair.

  6. I love these pictures. All of your kids have amazing eyes. Oh, and an amazing mom to go with them. :) Good to see you at the park today.


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