Friday, October 29, 2010

Purple Flowers and a Cloudy Day

Oh the weather here is finally getting bearable.  It's still 90 degrees every once in awhile, but there are lots of really lovely, perfect days as well...which is superb!  I was sick of sweltering.  

On one such lovely, perfect day, Q and I went out side to soak in all the loveliness.  The sun would peek out for little bits and then go right back behind the clouds....pure bliss.

 Q wandered around doing this and that until he spotted these awesome purple bushes and then he spent the next twenty minutes or so, looking at them, and picking some and jabbering away about flowers and rocks.

And then he decided to run between two very close bushes over and over and over again.  He thought it to be quite delightsome.  Simple pleasures, my friend, simple pleasures.


It's days like these that make all the work and stress of being a mother, really worth it.


  1. It's October! Why does it look like spring or mid summer?! Q's hair is super curly. I just found a picture of C at Stillwater and he had the curls going on too.

  2. Beautiful, I love the way his blue shirt looks in the sea of purple flowers! Your so good about taking your kids out for pictures. I need to be better.

  3. So he doesn't seem to mind being barefoot on rocks. How do kids do that, really? Still loving his curls.

  4. gorgeous! his hair, his cheeks, his barely-there double chin - so adorable!

  5. These pictures are beautiful. Love them!!


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