Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Raindrops and Gumdrops

It's been raining here.  And when it rains, it seems the whole valley drops what they're doing and marvels and watches and revels in it.

I was busy working while the kids were playing outside and then it started to rain... so I left my work, grabbed a camera and some gumdrops and we all headed outside to enjoy it.  It was heavenly.  Rain in the desert smells clean and fresh.  The kids ran around in it, then we watched it fall while munching on gumdrops.  It was superb.

Q lined up all his gumdrops and ate them one by one.  I am personally not a huge fan of gumdrops, but the little boys sure love 'em.

*full to capacity*

With all the fun the rain brought, it also brought trouble.  My husband was caught in an epic hailstorm on his way home from work last night.  His windshield was cracked in multiple places, one of his mirrors was shattered, a tail light cracked and the whole car peppered with golf-ball sized dents.  He said cars around him had entire windows completely gone.  He called me during the event and because of all the crazy noise, winds and shaking of the car, all I could hear was a frantic,  "ERIKA!  I'M ON THE FREEWAY AND...."  and then tons of noise and then the line went dead.  Needless to say I was a bit concerned until I got the next fragment call of , "......broke the windshield and the mirror...." which didn't help my nerves much, especially since we had fair weather on our side of town and I didn't know anything about the hailstorm.  Finally he got through to explain and tell me he was safe.  Sheesh.  That was a tense few minutes.  I'm sure it was for him too and apparently for a lot of people.  I guess it closed freeways, knocked out power lines, took out trees etc.  Too bad we just upped our deductible recently....


  1. I had quite a few phone calls this morning from relatives asking if all was well. I had no idea of the goings on outside of Surprise (as usual). I said yep, the sun is shining the wind is blowing and the temp dropped to the 80s. What about the hail? HUH?

  2. Good grief, Almighty, Lou! I'm glad you and the kiddies were able to enjoy some delicious gumdrops, even though L was seeing his life flash before his very eyes... ;)

  3. Ya know, I think that Mormon's should have an escape clause to the whole Word of Wisdom, like, "No alcohol unless it would really be the only thing to calm your nerves and get through the child rearing years."

    Lets go hit the bar baby, you've been shaken up enough!

  4. Holy Cow! That is insane! Now to go mess with fixing all of that! I hope you didn;t let your kids play in that, the hail might have dented their brains.

  5. That is crazy. I hadn't heard about any of that. Does your insurance cover hail damage? Not all insurances do. Crossing my fingers. I can see how you'd be a LITTLE concerned with the phone call that cut out. Oh boy.

  6. Wowser! We've heard tons of crazy stories, so glad your husband wasn't hurt.


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