Thursday, October 28, 2010

Treats Glorious Treats

Treats are DEFINITELY better than tricks, wouldn't you say?

While up visiting new Naomi, we hit up a fabulous bakery and chocolate shop.
Boy oh boy, I had thee best Napolean, or mille-feuille, I have had in a long, long well as a delightful slice of marzipan cake, some sort of cream-filled peach pastry, cannoli with pistachios, and a divine piece of baklava (the baklava didn't make it to the photo shoot). Yumm.

(Don't worry, we all shared....I didn't eat all of it by myself...although I probably could have.)  

It was magical.  Especially because later we had even more treats, like this delectable hot chocolate.  It was so rich and creamy...I shared one with my sister and it's probably not a good idea to eat chocolates (see below) at the same time (for fear of a massive chocolate headache)...but man, oh man, it was yummy...and I'm not even a huge chocolate fan!

Of course we had to get some fine hand-dipped chocolates as well.

The orange cream chocolate was the best...although the apricot one was pretty good too...oh and so was the mint truffle...and I can't forgot the caramel was plenty tasty.

My sister (not the one who just had a baby) then whipped up these cute leaky cauldrons for us on Sunday afternoon before we all had to say goodbye...and go back to the real world of cereal, sandwiches and macaroni and cheese.

They are just made by scooping the insides out of oranges, and filling (only about 2/3 full) with blueberry muffin mix.  Then bake according to box, careful to watch so they don't burn.  Also, make sure you slice off the bottoms of the oranges to ensure they sit level on the pan.

I think my kids would love them.


  1. You left my mouth watering....mmmm....reminds me of some places in Europe we would go to. The pastries there are to DIE for!!

  2. Lou?! How do you stay so skinny and trim?? I subsist on 80 calories a day or I blow up like the Good Year Blimp. :(

  3. Mmmm yummy although my stomach hurts right now from Halloween candy.


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