Friday, October 1, 2010

The Trouble with Cookies

I made some cookies one day and after school the kids each had a couple and then I sent them out to play, do homework, etc.  The following conversation then ensued...

Dennis:  Mom, can I have another cookie?

Me:  No that's enough for now...just go play outside for a bit.
*Dennis makes a mean a face, slams door, stomps, kicks...and basically throws a mini fit*

Me:  Come back inside please...

*His face suddenly turns pleasant and he quickly obliges with no problems or hesitations*

Me:  You need to go stand in the corner

Dennis:  Whaaaaat?! Whyyyyyyyy?!

*He proceeds to cry, whine and so forth*

Me:  What did you think I wanted you back inside for?

Dennis:  I thought *sniff* you were gonna give *sniff* me another cookie *sniff sniff*

Me:  You thought because you slammed the door, kicked, made a face and threw a fit, I was going to just give you what you wanted.

Dennis:  Yeah?  ... (as the absurdity of it all registers on his face)

SHEESH!  He honestly thought that his stomping, wailing and whining had worked and that I had suddenly seen the error of my ways and was going to pat him on his wee head and offer him another cookie.

After his allotted corner-standing time, he went back outside to play and a few minutes later I heard the scrape of the cookie plate...

Me:  Are you getting another cookie?

Dennis:  No.

Me:  Are you sure?  I can hear you getting another cookie.

Dennis:  No, no I'm not I promise.

*I wait to see what happens next*

Mr. C:  Mom, Dennis got another cookie!!


*Dennis proceeds to clean up multiple and catastrophic messes made by Q throughout the afternoon as his penance to well as listening to long-winded lectures on the evils of dishonesty*

I must make REALLY good cookies.  Or something.


  1. Lou, you DO make good cookies. I think. I've never actually had any, but if you were to send me some, I could tell you for sure. ;) But if your cookies are like anything and everything else you make, then they are truly something spectacular and worth risking hell and high water for. :) Dennis knows this.

    If you can make it through this life without blistering Dennis's bum, then, surely, Celestial Glory shall be yours. :)

  2. So this is what I have to look forward to as McKay gets older, huh? Wow, maybe I'll just take the sleepless nights forever...or not. Or...maybe I'll just have to get your cookie recipe instead, because they must be out of this world!

  3. I just LOVE your kids! And I love your story-telling abilities! I was laughing out loud. I need to call you to hear about Landon's hailstorm.


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