Monday, October 4, 2010

While the Kids Are Away

Q is seriously into everything lately but he's so delightfully cute too.  Like when he tells me he is on his way to his house and he yells, "Latuh Momma, Yuv you!".  I then follow him as he walks to the laundry room with his purse (yes he carries a purse, fully equipped with two cell phones, a set of keys, an old gift card and a camera...what can I say...he tries to be like me...) and stands there looking all proud for a few moments.  He is huge into referring to himself in the third person...which is hysterically adorable (for now I guess).  My husband says only pro athletes do that...and then I reminded him of Elmo...

But, while the kids are at school, I am afraid he gets dreadfully bored with only me to keep him company and that probably only fuels his curious fire.  

Lately he has broken into the freezer and eaten a bunch of  frozen strawberries (while hiding under the dining room table),  he has also been found eating a frozen corn dog.  Ick.  Gnawing on a frozen corn dog sounds less than appetizing for some reason.  We now tie the freezer door to the fridge door to prevent any more break-ins.


He likes to dress himself and chose this fabulous ensemble that boasts an extensive assortment of patterns, textures, shirts and themes (Hawaiian and patriotic).  Yes, that is a shirt on the bottom as well.

And melted a cup in the toaster oven.  Now we unplug the toaster oven after each use.  

He reminds me so much of his older brother (the original Dennis), it is scary...check out this post.  The similarities are frightening... most of the things I listed for Dennis, Q has also done is some form or another.  The two of them are so busy and crazy curious, but so full of an infectious love of life.  Love them.  Even if I may be permanently stress-ridden for the remainder of my years!  :)  Seriously...I can't handle watching a show when they leave an open bottle on a table or some other low surface...I keep thinking some wild child is going to come wreak havoc with it...


  1. Oh, man, this post made me laugh RIGHT OUT LOUD! My, and what a handsomely, fashionable, patriotic Hawaiian you have on your hands! lol That one was my favorite! Then I couldn't resist and clicked on the link of the tales from yesteryear about Dennis and I read them aloud to Brian as he lay on the couch. We laughed hysterically. Oh, the things I have to look forward to as a mother of a little boy... I'm glad I can laugh at your well-written sagas, because when it's my turn, I'm not sure how hard I'll be laughing... But I'll be posting them as well. ;)

  2. I think both Q and Dennis are genious'. So don't worry for whatever stress they cause you now by the time the time they start making a nice sized paycheck you can remind them of how much they owe you.

  3. That is hilarious! I still can't believe he figured out how to turn on my oven and melted a bag! Cute kid :O)


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