Monday, November 1, 2010


My kids have thoroughly enjoyed The Lightning Thief series and so we decided to use Greek mythology as our theme for Halloween this year.

We will begin with dear Cupid (or Eros in Greek).  Luckily it was in the 90's and so he was quite comfortable in his fabulous get-up.  He may hate me later, but it was so worth it.  His costume was super easy and he could run around to his heart's content....hitting unwitting passersby with his arrow of love.  It was a riot.  I just couldn't help myself with his curls, belly and long eye was just too perfect. 

Next is Hermes, the messenger god.  Dennis got quite the kick out of his winged feet and helmet.  He thought he was completely cool and ran and pranced around the whole night.  And he didn't even seem to mind that he was basically wearing a dress.

I heard someone ask him who he was, to which he promptly replied, "Homies"...(he still can't get his r's)...and I about died as the person quietly mumbled to themselves, "Oh, Homies......" with the most confused look you've ever seen.  I set them straight after a bit.

Here we have the great demigod, Hercules.  I had the hardest time with the Hercules costume.  I couldn't decide how to do muscles without it looking tacky...and so I just didn't make anything in the way of muscles.  I just settled for some armor and a tunic.  I had big plans for the armor...but ran out of steam, inspiration and time, and so this is my sort of half-hearted effort.   But, he was happy as a clam, and wielded the sword he made at Scout Camp proudly.  He battled Harry Potter, Darth Vader and many others at our church Halloween party and was pleasant as punch about the whole ensemble, so I guess that's all that matters.

He REALLY got into his character whilst taking photos.

Then on to Artemis, goddess of the hunt and moon.   Miss B loved the character Artemis in the books, and  chose to dress as her months and months and months ago and began planning her outfit straightaway.  I found multiple sketches of outfits and accessories on her desk and in her room.

We put some branches in her hair to give her an outdoorsy look and made a quiver out of a Pringles can (thanks to a friend's genius idea).  I made her some arrows and she made a bow, but the bow was a bit cumbersome to carry with a candy bag...

and I was Medusa...the evil monster who turns her unsuspecting victims to stone just by looking at them....spooky. 

I did not know how to pose as Medusa... and I couldn't pull off a beautifully sinister this is what you get... a semi-awkward half-squat with a cheesy grin and a very strange looking foot.   And I now know why Medusa is so ornery.  Wearing a gazillion snakes on your head equals a gimongously hideous headache...and I promise there were lots of snakes in my hair, you just can't really tell in this shot.  

We had some fun festivities too...we had dinner in a pumpkin last night.  It was actually quite good. We made  leaky cauldrons for breakfast (muffins baked in scooped out oranges), and we carved pumpkins as well.  Miss B and I tried our hand at some more complex designs this year.  We did the house together and her and Dennis did the clown and cat.  Mr C, Dad and Q helped with all the cutting and scooping.


  1. we never get to see Landon his costumes! o well :) maybe some year!

  2. He didn't dress up this year Ang. We couldn't convince him to wear a toga and laurel wreath...much too crazy! I told him to just stand still and he could be one of my stone "statues".

  3. I love it all!! So creative and festive! Love the snakes in the hair :O)

  4. E everything turned out so cute and fun and whew now it's over...thankgoodness. I love how each kiddo got so into their character. That makes it all the more fun. Great job

  5. You come up with the best themes! I'm still thinking about stealing your Scooby Doo idea one year, and now I'm loving the Greek theme!

    About my strong man's muscles...His costume gave me the greatest fits. What He has an entire old spiderman costume (with the muscles sewn in) underneath the strong man outfit. I had to pin and hide a lot. We nearly had a bathroom mishap since his costume was so hard to get in and out of. In the future, I'd like to cute apart the costume and just use the muscle part, but he wasn't so excited about that idea.

  6. I was wondering what theme you'd go with this year. We love that series too. As for S, oh, he'll hate you some day. Those wings were just way too fluffy, but awesome. Cute job.

  7. I've been anxiously awaiting the unveiling of your costumes this year and they didn't disappoint! I don't know how you convince them all to coordinate every year, but that is my great dream and it never happens for me! You all looked fabulous and I wish I could get pictures of my kids in their costumes as well as you do! Happy Halloween!

  8. I thought I have been feeling a little "BLAH" after seeing you at the Trunk Or Treat. I don't think your statue like powers got the job completely done. I have just become more dull and as funny as a rock. Tired too, are rocks tired? I guess they do "Lay" around a lot. OH yeah! I am funny again, your powers wore off.
    You are such a fun mom, I love your creative holiday ideas.

  9. I loved your costumes....especially cupid!!! And you looked beautiful, even in your awkward squatting position, lol! Halloween at your house looks so fun, what great ideas and yummy food!

  10. It all turned out great..I was bummed I didn't get to see you! Love the leaky fun


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