Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Preparations and Pictures

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and I couldn't be more excited...

I am having it at my house so I am making pies (I have a new and intriguing recipe for pie crust that involves...get this...Mountain Dew, that I'm quite excited about), mashed potatoes, stuffing, the turkey, green salad, corn, sweet potato casserole...and I think that's it.  My mom's bringing a variety of pasta and fruit salads and her delightful pecan pie and some traditional dips and cheese balls.  What are you making?  Do you have any fun, traditional Thanksgiving dishes?  I have a good friend who does little Cornish game hens for each member of her family (her, her husband and kids)...and she says her children get quite the kick out of it.  They love that they get their very own mini turkey.  I think it's a fantastic idea!  

So to kick off the holidays, here is my last holiday photo shoot!  YES! on to enjoying myself and my family to the fullest!  Time for cookie baking, card making and Christmas decorating... as soon as I finish the final editing touches on a few albums and mail them all out I guess...but I am getting close.

Now I'm off to bake pies...

Check out the skinny jeans on the one-year old...and aren't those sneakers awesome!

Such cute boys.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving and EAT WELL!


  1. Beautiful family! I love the baby upside down one!

  2. That cornish game hen idea is marvelous! I've actually made those once, but not for Thanksgiving. And they are DELISH! We don't have any great food traditions, though. We just get together, get on each others' nerves, get all of our feelings hurt and then give thanks that we won't have to see everyone together for at least another year! ;~P


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