Monday, November 29, 2010

The Yummiest Day of The Year

Welp, it's officially over....but it was a huge success.  The turkey was cooked in time (even if I miscalculated the cooking time by a couple of hours...sheesh... sometimes I make ridiculously silly mistakes, like forgetting there are 60 minutes in an hour instead of 100), and the gravy, stuffing, corn, sweet potatoes, rolls, mashed potatoes and salads were successfully made.  The pies were delightful (as was the cool Mountain Dew crust) even if we couldn't eat them for a long while after the main meal.  And I snacked on my mother's stellar array of chips and dips (three varieties that all involved cream cheese in some form) so much that I wasn't really hungry when it came down to it.  But I made up for it with leftovers!

We were going to carve up the turkey for easier transfer to the table, but my dad insisted on bringing it to the table for proper pictures.  It was fine by me.

Mr. C enjoyed a whole turkey leg.  He could hardly hold it up long enough for a picture!  It was a heavy turkey leg...

Miss B was excited to peel the potatoes...until she realized how many she had to do.  But she stuck with it and even chopped them all too.  She was also excited to have my mom play Uno, Apples to Apples and other such games with her over and over.

Dennis made some nice hats for his Thanksgiving Concert at school and was quite the charming pilgrim, then modeled his Indian feathers for us at home.  Oh and I chopped my hair almost clean off...and I am so excited with it.  It is so easy and I don't have to fight the wave anymore...I just let it go...what a relief!

My fabulous pops jumped right in when I told him I needed his expertise to help us fix a few things over the weekend.  He and my hubby  installed child-proof latches to the cupboards and drawers to keep Q out of the steak knives, markers and other problem-inducing items, re-attached a leg to my antique chair (I broke it whilst using it for a step stool), by inserting a steel rod into the drilled-out broken ends and gluing heavily, and bought and installed a new hinge for one of my cupboard doors that has never completely shut and has driven me absolutely bonkers.  I am so excited.  Now to hang my pot rack...too bad I forgot about that one while he was still here!

Oh and my sister came too...sadly the picture on the right is the only picture I got of my hubby or her...and it's only her hand reaching for some sweet potatoes.  Oh well.  Can't win 'em all.

And this handsome devil slept right through Thanksgiving...which was truthfully, quite lovely.

Now straight on to Christmas!  And luckily I found most of the presents I bought awhile ago and hid safely and then proceeded to forget exactly where that secret spot was.  I think I am only missing one now.  Goodness.


  1. Wow, looks deliscious! You got your hair cut? It looks so cute!

  2. Fabulous Food!! I'm bummed I missed the shrimp dip!

  3. Now I'm ready for Thanksgiving again! YUM!!! Your kiddies are just so lovable. C & the Turkey Leg look like they belong inside a Norman Rockwell painting. :)

    And Lou, you can pull off any old hair style you do. Lucky you... I have to have long or ... Long. Or... I look like a ding-ding. :~S

  4. Love your picture of the meal. Your daddy must love you to worry about setting up the perfect picture for his perfect little girl. Lucky lucky you!
    You found my present right?

  5. Looks amazing! I miss it already. Liam wanted a whole turkey leg too! I never realized how much B has your moms mouth. Looks like a great time..

  6. Makes me want to re-do Thanksgiving all over again! That pie crust sounded really delish too.


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