Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Our Saturdays have been busy with games.

Our weeks have been full of practices.

Our evenings have been filled with tossing the ball and catching the ball and hitting the ball.

The boys are having a blast though.  And actually it's kinda been a little fun...even if it has wreaked havoc on our dinners and any semblance of a peaceful evening.

Mr. C has played Catcher a few times and did a good job and he has been getting better and better at hitting.

He's even hit a few in to the outfield.

Dennis has chicken arms and chicken legs. Let's just say he's not the star player.  Especially since he got hit in the face with a ball while playing catch.  It's put a damper on his catching skills, to say the least.  But he can hit and catch grounders good enough.  And he says he loves running the bases.  So it's all good.

Just tell me this...WHAT am I going to do when all three boys are in sports?  

Oh and the answers to the quote challenge are,

1- Dennis
2- Mr. C.
3- Mr. C.
 4- Q


  1. Learn your limits.

    Take turns during different seasons.

    Think of good, better, best.


    It keeps you happy and a better mom.

    Just a thought from someone who's there. :)

  2. Love your action shots. Mr C is going to be such a stud, oh and I definitely think Dennis is already a ladies man.

  3. You make baseball look like a fun sport...when I think it's boring! LOL I look forward to more sports seasons where I can see more action.

    Your boys do look like professionals


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