Monday, December 13, 2010

What I've Been Up To

I found a lunch in the bathroom and one in the car, AFTER the kids had gone to school. Curses.

I was shopping at Kohl's and while I was checking out, Q laid flat out on the floor and LICKED it!  (Can you sanitize tongues?  Oh well, it's good for his antibody collection, right?!)

I cleaned up a whole gallon of concentrated floor cleaner that Q had spilled and was playing in, and then later had the pleasure of wiping up after he dribbled buckets of lotion in delightful patterns all over his carpet instead of napping (he can climb out of the crib).

I finished all my photo shoots and delivered them...sweet victory.

I think I am done with the majority of Christmas shopping, and I wrote a list in a coded fashion so that even if some kid found it, they wouldn't be able to read it (as I do every year).  The only problem is... I don't think I can read it when I go back to reference it.  I need to find a better solution.  For now I'll just have to get everything out again and count and sort....and wrap.

I would describe my house cleaning as fair to partly cloudy...although I do make my bed about 95% of the time, and expect the same from the kids.  But I took a day off the other day and left it unmade on purpose...just because I can and I was feeling a bit rebellious.  It was fun for a minute until it started to bug, so I don't think it's going to happen very often.

I have been cheering on my boys in their baseball and t-ball endeavors.  They are getting better and better and we will enjoy more free time when they are done, but I do like that they are learning and growing and having fun.

I ask Q what he's doing when it gets suddenly quiet and he always answers, "Ummmm, nuffing..." which understandably makes me nervous.

I am trying to get my Christmas cards together and out...always an undertaking.

I attended my first band concert for one of my children (insert long-winded lamentations on how quickly children grow up).  Miss B did a stellar job... as far as we could tell amongst all the other beginning band toots and squawks...and she's doing really good at learning Jolly Old St. Nicholas, which she's been practicing relentlessly.  And she really excels at making sounds that resemble either a mad elephant, or Chewbacca, which throw all of us into fits of hysterics....or irritation, depending on the moment.

We bought her a used horn instead of renting like most of the other kids, and she got a good bit of grief for the couple of dents and scuff marks and came home crying a couple of times, so we finally told her to just reply with, "Mine may be dented, but at least it's not rented."  She said it stopped all that nonsense outright. 


  1. "Mine may be dented, but at least it's not rented." I like this. I went through that self same hell when I was a lad with my VERY USED, but purchased, violin. Wish I would have had your cleverity a couple of decades ago... (Cleverity isn't a word, but it seemed fitting, so I used it, since I am also feeling a bit rebellious...)

    You are your delightful writings are one of the few bright spots in my life. Thanks for the smiles, Lou. :)

  2. I meant you AND your delightful writings...

    Sorry, Lou. :~S

  3. Please tell me that all this stuff was not on the same day! That little Q is quite the busy man. :)

  4. I love Q's "nuffin" :O) and B's horn is great! I love the pictures! Wish I could help you sort and wrap, I enjoy doing that!

  5. I feel like I just read my own life. Yesterday I walked around saying, "I'm going to lose it!" Lovely.

    As for the dented and not rented. Ya, I wish I had known that one in sixth grade too! Could have used that one with C too in middle school. Clever girl you are.

    Can't wait to see your Christmas card. I lost my list the other day, so that means it's floating around somewhere perhaps a boy's bedroom. As long as everyone is happy Christmas morning, I guess it's okay.

  6. Awh so good to write down all that stuff. I need to get back in the day. Rain is quite hillarious lately and I always forget about it later. I am quite impressed with Ms.B's French horn. Did you play that as well or am I just imagining it?


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