Wednesday, January 5, 2011

2011 To Do List

Paint my kitchen cupboards...that is if I can ever decide if I actually should or not AND what color.
*if any of you have any fabulous tips on painting cabinets...feel free to pass them right along...seriously*  Painted cupboards a very slight off-white.  July 2011

Paint the little boys' room and finish it up ( ie. make quilts, decorate, etc.) Traded quilts for pics Feb. 2011, painted room grey May 2011, made pillows and curtains and gathered cowboys prints, boots, rope, hats, etc June 2011

Go through all the JUNK and organize.  Specifically my closet, the kids' toys and clothes, the filing cabinet, the black secretary, my enormous craft supply collection, and the garage (again).
*again if anyone knows of some great organization tips, I'm all ears*  (making progress in my closet, craft supplies and the garage...we can now fit another car! Jan. and Feb.)  I bought boxes for my craft supplies and organized into buttons, ribbon, do dads, whatnots and etc.

Find Mr. C a bookcase for his astronomical book collection.   Completed January 7.

Read my scriptures consistently and write in my journal on some sort of regular basis.  I'm doing really great on scriptures...journal not so much. 

Hang Mr. C's curtains that have been sitting in his room for months.  Completed January 8 with hubby.

Follow through with our new Family Game Plan that I am putting into action as we speak...which includes Family Rules and Consequences, Family Planning Meetings, Family Dinners etc.  Make a poster.  I've bought poster board a kabillion times and end up using it for something else.  Grrr.  Thinking of making subway art instead.

Finish Mr. C's headboard and make a bed skirt.

Be there more as a mom.  Listen more. Get down and play more.  Read with them more.  Smile more.   Don't cry so much over the proverbial "spilled milk".  Delight in what my kiddies delight in (other than burping of course).  I need help here....sheesh!  I'm trying...

Try to be better at meal planning and implementing...notice the try....freezer meals may be the key on this.  And try some new recipes that I've been wanting to.   Participated in a Freezer Meal Swap Feb. 1.  I've got 10 fabulous meals in my freezer.  We plan on exchanging meals monthly.

Clean out my purse (again).  Completed Jan. 13 and again Feb. 8.

Repaint my dining room chairs.  They are in desperate need of a fresh coat.  Completed Jan. 8...a rogue storm threw a few kinks in this project...but I conquered.

Find lockers for the hall leading to the garage.  Yay!!  Bought grey lockers from Craigslist (6 total...3 on bottom, 3 on top) Aug. 3, 2011

Paint three walls in my living room gray.  Finally.  March 2012.  Linen by Eddie Bauer

Focus on Bridals/Seniors/Engagements/Weddings more this year.  (Contact me if you're interested...I will be offering discounted packages and referral deals for any of these types of sessions for a limited time.  More details on my facebook page...become a fan if you're not already.)

Go through the pantry (again).  That felt so good.  I feel like I can breathe again!  Completed March 7.

Make and then keep a schedule for going to the temple.  Not really a schedule...but we have gone...goodness, that's hard.

Organize DVDs into a folder/binder and get rid of all of the thousands and thousands of cases.  Halfway done here.  We already filled one binder.

Finally finish my 2009 Blog Book (I'm so close it's ridiculous) and work on 2010.  Also, finish Miss B and Mr. C's photo books that I have been working on for 3+ years (I think I really need to simplify my process).  AND start work on photo books for Dennis and Q.  Phew, I could spend the entire year on photo books alone.  Ordered photo book for Dennis end of Jan.   Ordered 2009 Blog Book from Blurb and finished 2010 Blog Book Feb. 1!!!  Yay!  Now just the other kids' books.  Except I may be permanently cross-eyed and I never want to work on another photo book for a long, long they'll have to wait a bit.

* I'm adding extras as I think of them, because this keeps me REALLY motivated!

Sell the old dryer.  Completed end of January. Team effort.

Dust fans.  Did the worst one at least.  March 2011

Hang hooks in my closet.  Completed January 8 by hubby.

Hang shelves in closet and laundry room.  Shelves in closet completed by hubby end of Jan.  Shelves in laundry room completed Feb. 5 by hubby, Dennis and I.  

Hang a collage of the kids' art in the bonus room.  Got them all framed May to decide how to arrange.  Hung July 2011...they look great.  Now I have commissioned the kids for more art to fill the wall!

Come up with some new ideas for kids' lunches.   Tried Peanut Butter and Jelly muffins, Lunch Box Pizzas and Granola Bars.  Early February 2011.

Print new pictures to hang in the house. Completed April 2011...ordered new canvas...want to rearrange picture arrangement.  Maybe some sort of collage.

Make a magnet board for the hall.

Make my own granola and yogurt.  I did it !!  And it wasn't even very hard.  And the yogurt is very yummy.  and cheap.  Aug. 2011

Finish the island cabinets in the kitchen...should I paint it black or a slate grey?  

Add knobs and pulls to cabinets.

Paint blue table in loft.  Finished July 2011

Make open shelving section in Kitchen.  Finished August 2011.  I love it.

Clean and install lockers.  Aug. 2011.  They are awesome!

Buy armoire for my craft supplies.   Bought one Aug. 2011 and broke the bottom half off when carrying it up the stairs.  Good thing it was only $30!  Now to fix it...  Bought a new one that was already painted and in much better condition.  It matches my desk too which is perfect.  And it was only $40!

Get 6 new and different high back chairs for dining room and paint grey (I think)  I have three so far. Now four.  Finished September 2011.  They turned out beautifully.

Paint secretary desk peacock blue (I think)

Redo theater chairs.  Big project.



  1. Lou, does the phrase "Keep it Simple" mean ANYTHING to you??? Man alive! That's quite a list. In the time it took you to type all those to-dos out, you could have accomplished 3 or 4 of them!
    Don't kill yourself, Lou...

  2. That's for a WHOLE year T!! 12 months. 365 days. That's a lot of time!

  3. Best DIY tips ever at

    (for the cabinets)

    I've spent an entire day on that site before.

    Good Luck.

    I am going to start making blog books too. I'm trying blurb because they have an automatic blog to book maker. Have you used that one?

    ...Of course, we will be needing posted pictures of all your finished goals!

    Have a terrific day!

  4. Silly question but what is a Blog Book?

    I like your list. I believe in you! My husband and I have already started a few painting projects inspired by some of your great spray paint projects.

    Keep us updated on your progress!:)

  5. Good luck. I think we're all in the same boat.

  6. Re: Extensive book collection. We got Abigail a Kindle this year. She is just inhaling books and in one summer went through ALL Harry Potter (7), All Series of Unfortunate Events (13 novels) ALL Lightening THief, ALL Leven Thumps and on and on. Baby board books I'm keeping, but with the free books available, she currently has 100 to choose from, and can read them as long as that piece of technology is alive. Saving me on book space... and dictionary questions too.
    Just sayin'

  7. Hi Erica! Curious about the freezer meal swap! I am so interested in that, if you could give me some info or just recipes.
    Also had an idea for ya. You could use all the dvd cases and remove the cover image out of the sleeve and replace it with your own logo page and info and use them to contain the discs of images for your clients!

    I have a list like this myself, in the process of getting on my blog and off of paper because I keep adding pages, and would prefer to save paper. Love your blog and didn't know you actually did photography. I know we mentioned it a few months back around Xmas, just thought you dabbled but WOW! Amazing work, you have such a eye for composition, angles,color, and post editing(which is what I love best)!


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