Thursday, January 20, 2011

An Arboretum Outing

We've wanted to do a little exploring in our own area and there's an arboretum I've been hoping to check out, so we loaded in the van and headed off on a 2 1/2 hour trek.  We saw some outrageously beautiful scenery along the way.

We were very pleasantly surprised with the arboretum.  There were multiple trails, various gardens and all kinds of different plants.  We had many bird sightings including a woodpecker, many Cardinals and a hummingbird (Miss B was dead set on snapping a photo of a Cardinal).  We also came upon an extremely cool rock maze that the kids LOVED.  After that, we meandered along paths, noting tree names and types of herbs and stopping to watch the wildlife.  The kids especially enjoyed crossing the bridges, throwing rocks in the stream and finding a real olive tree.  And you all know my favorite part was the old truck sighting.  At the very end of our adventure, a big rumbling tractor came driving by on its way to fix something or other and Q about had a come-apart.  He started shaking and screeching that the monster was going to get him.  Apparently he's not in that group of toddler boys that's obsessed with tractors.  But by jove, it was the funniest thing I've seen in awhile.  

Sometimes there's something really cool right under your nose...or 2 1/2 hours away.


  1. So pretty! Love the little stream, and maze! And you look great by your truck!

  2. Now THAT is a place that I'd like to visit. :) -Cuz I am gonna steal that red cardinal. :) I like him. And I like your hair, too, Lou. It looks good on you. :)

  3. Oh my heavens. What a pretty place. I'd hop in the car just to see the red cardinals again. I didn't even know they were out west!! Which way did you head to your trip? Awesome pictures too!!

  4. oh how fun! what a gorgeous place! beautiful pictures as always! love that truck! where is the arboretum at???

  5. Oh how I miss my friend and your family...only uhm...4 more months and so many odd days till we are re-united... that place does look really cool. You'll have to let B know that we see quite a few cardinals and robins around here, also, tons of squirells....we do live in Squirell Hill you know.


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