Wednesday, January 26, 2011


*insert long, drawn-out, and exaggerated sigh*

My hubby would classify this with what he lovingly calls, my Mommy Angst Posts.  It's true.  Mommy-hood comes with all sorts of angst.  Gasp!  But they grow up so quick.  One minute I want them to be older and more capable and the next I wish I could turn back time to when they couldn't talk back and they just smiled and cooed nonstop. 

Pretty soon my house will have completely outgrown coloring books and the thought makes me a bit blue.  It's been 11 years of pregnancy, newborns, diapers, car seats, spit up, bottles, binkies, cribs, crusty noses, fussiness, crayons, crawling, teething, rice cereal, bibs, sleepless nights, chubby cheeks, cuddly babies, slobber, sweet (albeit crazy) toddlers, blowouts and ear infections and I feel like we're coming to the end of an era.  

So... bring on the baseball games, braces, piano lessons, art clubs, band concerts, book reports, field trips and teenagers.

On the up side, Q accompanied me to go grocery shopping, fill up the van, and cash some checks today and was almost a perfect there are benefits to older kids.  And for the time being, I will soak in those last baby moments before they slip away completely.  Like when I lay down with Q for a nap and his chubby, squishy fingers play with mine and I can listen to his sweet toddler voice sing songs and tell me crazy stories.

 And at least I have pictures to go back and remember...


  1. Ah, Lou! You're starting to make MY heart ache and I haven't even STARTED my mommy journey yet! But don't be too sad, because you are one of the best mothers on the planet. How can you be too sad when you've done all you can do and have given it 100%??

  2. It makes me want to cry. I told Geoff, I want to freeze today forever... I don't want her to grow up. I don't want to go to the pediatrician next week, because I'm afraid of how much weight she's already gained. It just means it's one day closer to her getting older.

  3. I've got those same feeling going on. It's weird. Being mommy for seventeen years was all I knew. Although it's fun seeing everyone grow up I am finally seeing how someday I will miss it like I've been told. Thank goodness for the pictures and the memories.

  4. It's crazy that you are just finishing those baby years and I'm just beginning them. I suppose we will both need a little bit of luck.


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