Monday, January 31, 2011


We had visitors.  The family kind. They used to live close and then they moved.  So we don't see them much anymore.  Bummer.  Needless to say... my kids fought over the babe.  Well except Q.  I think he thought of her as a threat more than anything.  He did play with her big sister though.

I had to take a few quick snaps of Miss Liv while they were here and she was looking so pretty in pink.  I've taken many of her sister over the years, so I didn't want her to feel left out.

Come again sweet cheeks.  And you can bring the others too...


  1. so cute!!! I love them! I would love some copies of them!

    Thank you, for having us over and for having fun with us!


  2. Oh, Lou, these are beautiful! What a sweet little girl. She looks so familiar to me.. Maybe it's from the other pics of her sister that you've posted before...?

  3. Those are so cute, and I love her name! Great job on the photos!

  4. I love those bright brown eyes! She is so cute!


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