Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Smile Inducers

Smiling is good for you.  It makes everything seem better and plus it's nicer on your face.  So I thought I'd share a few tidbits that make me grin, because I can always use an extra grin or two.

For my birthday (back in December), my sister sent me the sweetest, most thoughtful gift.  Awhile ago, I ran across this blog and fell in love with the diminutive cards and letters (miniatures are a weakness of mine).  In fact, I loved them so much, we modeled Miss B's valentines after them last year.  Anyway, my sister totally remembered for almost a whole year and sent me my very own miniature letter complete with a mini seal and a mini magnifying glass for reading the note.  I almost cried.  I cannot tell you how happy it made me.

My antique 7up crate is a definite favorite and sure to bring a grin every time I steal a glance.

And I love it even more because I found it while shopping with a good friend in Minneapolis.   We lived there for three years, and the little crate reminds me of the good times we had and the great friends we made. 

Someone gave me lemons and when I got home I sat them down randomly on my delightful mock-vintage tray from Ross and they just looked so cheery all day, I had to take a photo.

The pink depression glass ( I think that's the right term) canister that belonged to my grandmother, always brings back fond memories of her and her love of pretty dishes, anything to do with Coca-Cola, divinity and Smurfs.

I was making mint brownies for a potluck and whilst I was happily stirring and mixing away, I was also talking to my mother-dear on the phone (we women love to multi-task).  This led to the inadvertent deletion of 4 of the 7 eggs the recipe called for (sometimes the result of multi-tasking).  I didn't realize my mistake until they were already in the oven and baking away.   However, I decided to go ahead and carry forth with the previous plan and see how they turned out.  I figured my kids would eat them if nothing else.  Unexpectedly, they came out rather thin and chewy and DELIGHTFUL!  I slapped on the mint frosting and went merrily along my way.  I LOVE it when that happens.  And it rarely does...

We inherited this beautiful plate (and the other remaining pieces of the set), from my husband's grandmother.  I have it displayed and smile each time I look at it.  I love the hand painted touches of color and the reminder of a great woman.

And then...I found a stellar, amazing, fantastic, turquoise, perfectly-rusted truck with a lovely cracked window.  It was a beautiful moment for I love turquoise, old rusted things, and vintage vehicles.  Birds were singing (well chirping at least), music was playing, time stood still and I stood mesmerized and beside myself with giddiness.  Obviously I had to document the wondrous event.  I tried to use the kids as models but their lack of true enthusiasm really my husband had the novel idea of taking a picture with yours truly and the lovely truck. And now I know what I want for my next birthday... and there would only be a slight storage issue...

Smile away away.


  1. just so you know... i check your blog like 10 times a day to see if you've posted anything new... & when you do, that makes me smile! cute cute :)

  2. I would have to agree with your friend Angelie, when you write and post pictures, they always make me smile. All those things that you inherited from your grandmothers are just like the things I have inherited and they make me smile too.

    Oh, and we have 2 VW Buses that are old and rusted (although they aren't turquoise) and you are more than welcome to come take pictures with them whenever you are in town. (I like taking pictures of them too, but right now their position in our driveway is lacking a little inspiration.)

  3. Mmmm, the mint brownies make my mouth water! Glad the hiccup in making them turned out yum! Love them all, and yes I did smile!

  4. I am smiling and I think most things I read on her make me grin. You are a happy person and that is a great trait to rub off on those around you! Keep it up! Love those delish brownies by the way who knew, save a few eggs all the time:)

  5. You look great in your picture. What a fun one.
    Here's to smiling! :)

  6. Oh, what a delightful post, Lou! I love the lemons, and that was my favorite part of the post... until I saw you and your truck. - A match made in heaven. :)

  7. Oh I'm tickled pink! So many little bits of good news - we just can't have too many perks to getalong goalong, huh! So sweet. My fav is the tiny note. Reminds me of Ralph and the Motorcycle. :D Excellent!

  8. Fun post! Love your hair! I know where some more of those types of trucks are if you ever want to know shoot me an email! :)

  9. Uhm I am utterly appalled no discussion of me making you smile...grrr...we may have to breakup....did I make you smile...I knew it.


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