Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Blue Balloon That Got Away

It takes approximately .02 seconds for strong winds to rip balloons right out of little fingers.

Poor thing kept pointing to where the balloon was last seen floating through the sky and jabbering about balloons being gone.  Luckily her mom had a whole big bunch of them and we tied the next one to her arm to avoid a repeat.

This is her own pose.  She wants to be a model...although posing out in the cold for hours may have changed her mind.
And because these girls are just so reminiscent of Valentine's Day, I thought I'd share a couple of our cards with you too.

We made a word search for Mr.C using his classmates' names and some Valentine words, with this site.  I pulled the finished puzzle into Photoshop to make the rest of the card.  We also got colorful pencils and will attach them to the blank side through two slits in the card.  Mr. C will have to write a personal message to each friend as well, as per his teacher's request....which means I need to hurry and get them printed!

For Dennis, we chose a maze and he drew a fabulous robot all by himself on the computer.  I think it turned out quite awesome.  And again, we will attach a pencil on the left side and have him sign his name.


Miss B isn't exchanging Valentines this year (sad), but I told her we have to do one for family anyway...so we are still thinking (I'm leaning towards a cryptogram)...and I have to make one for Q too...and time is running out...  Aaaaaaack!


  1. What a great idea for Valentines Day!! I love the maze and crossword. I'll definitely be saving this idea for when Navy is in school.

  2. Love LOVE the Minnie Mouse dress. I feel like telling the mom, OH ENJOY IT!!! One day you are gonna walk into Gymboree and there will be NOTHING that fits your darling girl! *sob sob sobbbb!*

  3. Oh, Lou! How do you do the things you do?? I simply cannot keep up with you! But I'm grateful for the ever plenty supply of wonderful ideas. :)

  4. Love the red polk a dot dress...those girls are cute and the great ideas on the Valentines, so cute!


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