Thursday, February 17, 2011

Finding Mickey

So besides marbles and markers, Q is obsessed with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  He knows all of the songs, he answers all the questions, does the actions and so on and so forth.  He loves the characters and makes up little stories about Goofy and Donald and all of his "friends".  Naturally we thought it would be a great hoot to take him to meet his favorite buddies.  So we've been waiting for the right time with work and school and money and time of year...and Tuesday was finally that day.  We loaded the bunch of us into the van and headed off to California after our Valentine's dinner.

We really had a good time.  And it was all bliss except for the fact that Q has a very small attention span and so while standing in line we either had to hold very tightly to his wrist (lest he dart off) and deal with him throwing his weight onto our arms incessantly and pulling us everywhichway, which inevitably threw us off balance and into unsuspecting line-mates, or hold him and be victim to his wiggly ways.  In fact, he thought it quite hilarious to lean way back whenever I held him, resulting in lower back spasms from trying to keep my balance and him from hurtling to the ground.  Then I'd try to hold his hand again and he'd lift his feet off the ground and I would strain to keep him from laying on the nasty ground, whilst trying to coax him back into a standing position.  Luckily we parents switched back and forth, but our shoulders, backs and arms were soon aching as he is not a petite thing.   Sheeesh the kid has endless energy.

We met Pluto first and Q was a bit nervous up close and personal (Dennis was a lot nervous even from a distance and begged us to not make him talk to any characters). 

I had such high hopes for the Mickey moment.  Q beaming.  The whole family together and smiling brightly for a group photo.  Our one shot of all six of us.  But.  Alas.  I forgot I had a fairly longish lens on my camera and we were in a tight spot.  The poor lady taking the picture had to practically plaster herself against the opposite wall to fit us all in.  And Q is less than beaming.  In fact, he is neither smiling, nor looking at the camera.  He is studying Mickey intently.  But at least Dennis made it in the shot, even if it meant we had to sacrifice my forehead so that all of us are pictured.  Together.  AND Q got to meet Mickey.  Not too shabby.

We had a Goofy sighting and Q gave him a high five.  

Q couldn't keep his eyes off of Minnie either.  And apparently Miss B had crackers stuck in her braces.

Probably the longest line we stood in, was the one for the Casey Jr. Train.  Go figure.  It seemed innocent enough at first glance, but once we were stuck in the middle of the never-ending line, we realized two things.  First, there was only one train and a very small one at that.  Second, it went very, VERY slowly.  But, after an interminable wait (and Q proclaiming that he didn't want to ride the train anymore), we were rewarded by getting to ride in one of the circus cage cars...aptly named, "Wild Animals".  It was magical.  Or at least it was for Q, who had decided it was fun after all.  And I got a great view of the miniaturized plants, trees, houses and villages of Storybook Land.  

Oh and Mr. C and I FINALLY got to go on the Indiana Jones Adventure, although my husband swears I went with him years ago...but unless I have serious memory loss...I have never before been on that ride.

Luckily I wore my red Valentine's present sneakers.  I got them right in the nick of time.  I always have appropriate shoe issues (meaning I never have appropriate shoes for the event) and end up with blisters, sores or my new kicks were perfect and kept me blister-free.

Oh and why is it that if there is any water in sight, ie a fountain, a puddle, a cup of water, or a river on which you are floating, any and all children (especially little boys) must, MUST put their hands in it?  It's like a law of nature or something.

And the Tea Cups are really fun at night.

Anyway and unfortunately Q threw up all through the night (maybe the Tea Cups had something to do with it...) and then there was a huge, torrential downpour the next morning in we decided to forgo our second day and come back another time.

PS It's a Small World always gives me goosebumps.


  1. O so magical! Glad Q got to meet Mickey!

  2. Oh, how I love your red "kicks". I used to call them things "Bo-Bo's". I still do, in fact... Just like the song... "Bo-Bos they make your feet feel fine... Bo-Bos they cost a dollar and a dime..." :)

    I think that Q & Minnie make a fine pair. Just a fine, fine pair. :)

    Don't go again without me, Lou, blast it all!!! That's why you had such back luck!

  3. Ahhh I love all the pictures! The one of Q staring Mickey down is hilarious!
    Sorry he got sick and hope you get to go back soon!

  4. Too funny. My girlies are dying to go meet all the princesses but I know that once we get there they'll pull back, cling to me, get ornery and not want anything to do with them.

    Makes me wonder if we should go. But your pictures are cute and a keepsake so maybe so. :)

  5. So fun! I lived living so close to cali!! We made that trip a few times while we lived there and it was so much fun. Your kids are really getting big and I especially enjoyed your valentine post! You have such an amazing family!

  6. Love it! I also love Q's hand positioning in the Mickey picture...that ones I keeper. I love his concerned look with Minnie as well. Glad you guys had so much fun.


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