Friday, February 4, 2011

Mailboxes and Magnets

I love getting ready for Valentine's Day.  I have a spectacular idea for the hubby and kiddos but I cannot share until after (I don't want to give anything away).   

But I can show you my little mailboxes.  I got them at Target.  I'm sure you've seen them in the Dollar Spot.  There's one for each of us and I plan on filling them with cards and treats on Valentine's Day, but I wanted to spiff them up a little and couldn't decide what to do.  And then finally the light bulb went off.  Probably just as I was falling asleep.  That's usually when the best ideas come.  I had some adhesive magnet sheets hanging around (I picked up 4x6 sheets at Walmart), and so I figured we could make our own magnets to decorate the mailboxes. We just colored love-inspired pictures on card stock, peeled off the adhesive backing, slapped down our drawings on the magnet sheets and cut around them...leaving us with our very own custom, hand crafted, from-the-heart magnets.  The kids thought it was the most outrageous thing since Twitter.  "We get to MAKE our own magnets???"  I love that the drawings are hand drawn, can be moved over and over and we can change them every year.  And you could do so many things, like type up a bunch of words to create poetry, a quote or a personal message (ie. each word is it's own fact I think I'm gonna go do that right now, it just came to me...and I'm not even trying to fall asleep) or make photo magnets of each kid, etc.  Fabulous.

Featured are Mr. C's and mine.  I got a kick out of Mr. C's arrow!

We're working away on the kids' Valentine cards.  The two big kids have made it perfectly clear that they are NOT okay with handing out a photo of themselves to their classmates in any way, shape or form (total violation of cool supposedly) I've had to really THINK!  But I believe they're coming together nicely.  Mr. C's is causing me design fits so I'll show them all to you as soon as I iron out the kinks.

I LOVE holidays.  Such fun.


  1. This is so exciting!! And since you can't post the big details until AFTER V-day, then you MUST email me the secrets! You MUST! I have NO IDEA what I am doing for the big Love Day and I am heading to Haiti on Sunday evening. I kind of wanted to take along a few supplies so that Jared could make a Valentine for his daddy while I am there and make Brian go for a walk or something while we go under cover. Got any winning ideas?? My mind is a BLANK. Help me, Lou, HELP ME!!!

  2. so cute...can't wait to see all the other fun crafty things you have cooking away in you brain :)

  3. Genious! Can't wait to see what you come up with. I think I will stay with store bought this year...otherwise I'd be inclined to use quotes such as "From the PITT of my heart." etc etc...hardy har har....


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