Thursday, February 10, 2011

Metal Mouth

So Miss B has even more hardware.  She got a palette expander installed in the roof of her mouth. What's that you ask?  It's to expand her palette, obviously.  But seriously, its main purpose is to make more room in her mouth so her teeth will fit properly (takes after me, poor thing).  There are a few downsides.  First, she talks like she has a mouthful of marbles.  Second, I have to tighten it every night so that it is expanding regularly.  I had my first try last night and I need to work on my dental/orthodontic skills.  Quite tricky it was.  And third, food gets caught in it very, VERY easily.  In fact yesterday she walks up to me and this conversation followed...

Miss B:  "I have minght stuck in my mouth."

Me:  "Mint? We didn't have mint."

Miss B:  "No.  Mit."

Me (very puzzled):  "Huh?  Mit?  I don't get it. "

Miss B:  "Mettt!"

Me:  "Oh!  Meat!"

And then being the horribly thoughtless mother that I am, I told her to run back inside (we were at a church function) and grab the cookie sheets I forgot.  She came back saying, "Of all the words to have me say!   Cookie sheet (except it sounded more like quoo-ee scheeeght)?! They just stared at me and asked if I could repeat it."  So then we all laughed and laughed, and when we got home we had her say cookie sheet over and over.  Good thing she's such a good sport and laughed just as hard.

Speaking of dental work, Dennis had a little cavity a bit ago and recently had it filled.  It's been a few weeks and then out of the blue as we were sitting on the couch, he looks up at me and says, "When my face was numb, I tried to smile and it was only a squiggle."  It took me a minute to fill in the blanks.

And with that, I'll leave you with thoughts of a numb-faced 5 year old with a squiggly smile and his poor metal mouth sister who can't say cookie sheet to save her life.


  1. : )) My husband is a dentist so teeth stories always make smile. Hannah had and expander and braces for a little over a year. Not fun, but totally worth it.

  2. poor girl! you'll make it, B! only... 2 more years :)

  3. Poor girl. I feel her pain. I had braces, headgear AND one of those expander things inside my mouth all at the same time. I personally think my mom paid the orthodontist to do that just to shut me up so she'd have some peace and quiet!

  4. Awh poor Miss B, I hope it gets better for her but so glad she is being a good sport.


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