Monday, February 28, 2011

Photogenic Food

My sister and I have been quite taken with food styling lately.  We are enamored with it.  We talk and talk of it.  We marvel at gorgeous food pictures.  It is an art.  A science.  Then finally, and after much drooling, we decided to get off our duffs, quit gawking at the sublime shots and actually try it.

Let me just say that taking pictures of food and making it look appetizing, interesting and eye-catching, is really, really difficult.  At least for me.  It has stumped me for ages.  So I (along with my sister) am on a quest to take lovely culinary photos.  With that in mind, do not be surprised if you start seeing many random pictures of food on my blog in the next little while.  It is my most current obsession.

Enter my first try.  I envisioned a slice of peach pie with blueberries piled atop and some creamy scoops of  melting ice cream alongside...a sweet image of semi-vintage Americana.  Then halfway through the making of the pie, I realized that to indeed take pretty pictures of pie, I had to first make a pretty pie.  I am not so good at pie crusts.  Good thing I only needed one slice and could therefore choose the best piece.

As we were dishing up the pie for dessert, my hubby was surprised that I actually bought ice cream.  I never do.  Unless it's for a birthday or some special occasion.  He smiled and nodded knowingly when I told him it was actually for a picture, but that it worked out nice because we could eat it with the pie I made for a picture too...he just said, "I knew it."

And my sister took some very yummy shots of Mushroom Bisque with homemade bread chunks and asparagus spears on the side.  She even added a swirl of cream in her soup.  She's good.  Little stinker.  We may or may not have made a bit of a friendly competition out of it.  She says she has many multiple genius ideas.  I do not.  The pie was it.  My pièce de résistance, as it were.  I must get brainstorming...


  1. This isn't going to help me with my diet!!! I gotta lose 7 pounds in a week and a half because I procrastinated. Dang me! But, still... I wish I lived next you to. I wish that wish ALL THE TIME. I want IN on your creative ideas and wonderfulness...

  2. Food blogs are beautiful...I am looking foward to your newest conquest.

  3. succeeded. I could eat the whole thing!

  4. I argee, food is notthe easiest thing to capture. Ill that yumminess doesn't always translate. YOu did a great job "selling" you piece though it makes me think I want to cook one up, but I dont think i'll get around to it :)


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