Thursday, March 31, 2011

Marmalade Toast

Sheesh.  I am late, Late, LATE in my next food picture installment.

Here 'tis.

I love orange marmalade.  It's not something everyone loves.  But I do...and Paddington Bear does too.  And I have earth-shattering heartburn which is magnificently aggravated by citrus.   But that doesn't stop me from slathering that orangey goodness all over a piece of homemade toast.  Yum.  I'll deal with the burn later.

I won this lovely and beautiful and yummy loaf of whole wheat bread at a silent auction for the American Liver Foundation.  I've never been to a silent auction where I could actually afford the it was a delightful experience.  I kept tiptoeing all casual-like to check on my items and bidding a dollar more here and there.  I felt so sneaky.  It was marvelous.  In the end I won the bread and a beautiful drawing of Christ.


  1. I should like some of your marmalade. Please ship it to:

    T Wants Toast
    Feed Me 4th
    Eaterton, UT

  2. You did? You didn't tell me about that. What other secrets are you keeping from me?


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