Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Shoot That Almost Nearly Didn't Happen

There was a snake sighting (by my sister and I).  There were keys left on top of a car and then lost in an insanely busy intersection on the way to the shoot (by my clients).  The day was overcast and the light was fading far too fast.  But... the snake was too cold to move (plus it wasn't a Rattlesnake, which is kind of a bummer for my would-be dramatic story), the keys were safely and miraculously retrieved from the middle of the road and the light stuck around for a few pictures.  Which is good because I was super excited for the vintage-inspired dresses, the bright red lipstick and the beautiful surroundings.

This beautiful gal is off to audition for college dance groups.  Wish her luck.


  1. What a great location!


  2. Very terrific. Um- do you have an extra arm somewhere? How do you do it all?!

  3. Cute girl and cute pictures. It makes me want to get all dressed up!

  4. Glad you made it through...gorgeous.

  5. "auditioning for college dance groups?" You're just saying that because she's too modest to tell us that she really just signed a modeling contract, right?? So, so gorgeous - pictures & sister.


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