Monday, April 11, 2011

Alien Guts and Stir Fry

There we were.  Eating stir fry.  Dennis was eating happily away (he is a superb eater, which is kind of funny because he is such a skinny little guy) when he suddenly asked, "Mom, what is this string in my food?" as he sat staring at a little stringy piece of a pea pod edge...pushing it to and fro with his fork.

As I opened my mouth to ease his fears...Mr. C. quickly and convincingly replied with, "Alien guts.  It's alien guts."  Dennis responded with a confident, "There's no such thing as aliens."  Again, Mr. C was right there with, "No, nobody knows really.  There have been pictures..."

Dennis just sat there looking quite apprehensive at his little string of alien guts at the edge of his plate.  Then he pushed it decisively onto the table.

I was rolling (on the inside).  It was one of the funniest little conversation snippets I have heard lately.  And I'm really glad Mr. C beat me to the punch.  I do, however, wonder what Dennis thinks about alien guts now.


  1. Cute story, cute kid. I want one of my girls to marry one of your boys because they are so cute, and also because it would bond us for life, and I'm all about that. I guess it's pretty much up to Mr. C though, but he's got good chances with 2 to pick from, although I could see Claire going for a younger man so she could boss him around...maybe Dennis has a chance too. Guess we have some time to cook up a plan.

  2. C is quick! That is positively hilarious! And I love N's spacey teeth :O) He cracks me up!

  3. Good to hear from you...that pic of the strawberry jam photo shoot was my favorite! Such a creative mind you have, who else would love taking pics of fruit on plaid?

    Orange mom is a big fan...and that bread looked so heavenly. Wonder who they made those perfect creases on the top?

  4. clever kids, i love to see their minds at work.


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