Thursday, April 28, 2011

Bananas + Bread + Camera

I've been meaning to use the many frozen bananas lounging in my freezer, so yesterday I finally set out to make banana bread.

So I made it and it was yummy and all was well until I tried taking pictures.  Two different tries, days, and set-ups later... I finally got something.  I'm still not sure I love it, but I'm learning.   I learned that drizzles sink into bread in nano seconds leaving precious little time to set white balance, focus, metering and then actually get a shot.  Also, there are only two sides of bread to drizzle until you are left with a gooey, nasty, drizzly mess and no more sides to flip to.  And kids are not great to have around whilst taking food photos, as they are always wanting to eat the subjects...especially the four slices of banana bread you have left that don't have bites taken out of them. 

The boys were dying for a taste of the fresh-out-of-the-oven bread and so I thought I'd try catching a snap of them eating their steaming slices.  And it was a piece of cake.  Seriously.  Taking pictures of my crazy boys was easier than taking pictures of bread.  Something's wrong.


  1. Love love love your food pics. Oh and I love that yarn too. The only problem is that now I have the strongest craving for steaming banana bread with whatever that was drizzled on it. Dang it! :)

  2. If I made 1/2 of your monthly house payment, would you move to SG?? I'm getting desperate here!!

  3. I love it!! The ramekin and parchment paper are perfect! And the yarn adds to the hominess. And now I am going to put to use MY lounging, freezer bananas :O)


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