Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I had to get something pretty up so the snake wouldn't sit at the top of my blog creeping people out anymore.  Eeek.  It's ugly.

So these beautiful blossoms are from one of my orange trees.  The blossoms are almost all gone now...and teeny tiny baby oranges are in their place.  It's so exciting.  I can't wait.  Although does anyone know if I should take off some of the oranges?  There really are tons and I don't know if the little tree can handle all of them.  Are you supposed to thin out the fruit?  Help!   I don't know what I'm doing.  I need to research it...

But.  Have you ever in your life smelled orange blossoms?  I know those of us in Arizona, Florida and California most likely have... but oh goodness, it is entirely a heavenly scent.  I cannot even describe to you the sweetness that is orange blossoms.  I cannot.  Someday you must experience it if you haven't already.  Put it down on your bucket list.  I am serious.  And here's hoping my oranges taste as good as their blossoms smell.


  1. Those are simply glorious, Lou. Do the blossoms smell citrusy at all or just flowery?

  2. I think I came close once to smelling an orange blossom. Guess I'll just have to fly out there and take a deep breath! Love the dew drops on the leaves too!

  3. T- They smell fruity and super sweet...not really like citrus. Just sweeeet.

    Marci- Come!!

  4. Thats my favorite time of year in blossom time.


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