Thursday, April 14, 2011

Handheld Photo Shoot and a Curly Q

The other day Q and I ventured to a different park than usual.  It was a superbly gorgeous and slightly windy day and we enjoyed a walk, the playground and hanging out on the picnic bench chatting.  Luckily I had my camera, so I snapped a few of us hanging out together...all candid and such.  Easier said than done, I tell you.  I am sure the two random people that walked by and witnessed me trying desperately to get a wiggly toddler and myself both in focus and within the frame while holding my camera at arm's length and trying not to drop it on the concrete, were quite amused.  It was a difficult task...but I think I got some fun ones, along with a cramp in my arm. 

Taking semi-decent photos of yourself and your busy 2-year-old....together and at the same time, and at high noon, plus trying to look natural and all candid-like and not lose your cool completely = serious multi-tasking.  Phew.

From the day he was a babe and we first started calling him Q...I just knew that he would have curly hair one day so I could call him Curly Q.  I am sure glad he lived up to his mother's dreams.  I do so love his curls (his father does too...maybe even more than I do).  They make for some mighty crazy morning hair, but they're worth it.

This Curly Q of mine says the craziest things right now.  I managed to pull my short hair into a makeshift ponytail a couple of days ago, and as I was getting the kiddies ready for bed, Q noticed my change in hairstyle and was very curious.  He walked all around me... studying the tiny ponytail intently, touching and pulling on it and finally remarked, "Hmmm.  What is this?"  I told him it was a ponytail.  He said (no lie),  "Oh, a ponytail... I don't sink it yooks good on you."  Seriously.  Who does he think he is?

He's also been saying, "I got to be kidding."  You know instead of, "You've got to be kidding"...he must think that phrase refers to him personally or something...and if the big kids are arguing, he walks out and very loudly and authoritatively demands, "WHAT GOING ON GUYS?!"  I have NO idea where he got that one...

So, dear friends, go out and take some photos of you and your kids.  I think we as moms are seriously underrepresented in our photo albums.


  1. lucan has some slight curls too and cody won't let me cut it..he says he wants him to have shaggy curly hair..its kinda lookin like
    Q's Qute!!

  2. those curls are much better than my kids ever had. I was admiring his curls last time we were at the park with you. Glad his dads can appreciate them, mine never appreciates our boys curls.

  3. Those are the sweetest pictures! They grow up way to fast.

  4. So cute! I love his squinty eyes in the smiley one! I agree, mom's are not in photos as much as they should be.

  5. These pics are precious, Lou. However, you should paddle Q's bazooka for him being so bold and unkind (and UNtruthful) about how it looks when you sport a ponytail.

  6. haha! Are you ever going to wear a pony again? Do you trust what a 2 year old thinks looks good on you? The way you talk about him reminds me of my little nephew, they would get along great. those little stinkers.


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