Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Mother's Day sure was swell this year.

Hubby oversaw the dressing and readying of the kids for church, he made crepes for lunch...with all sorts of available toppings from Nutella with sliced strawberries and cool whip, to lemon juice and sugar (Irish style...yummo). After flipping crepes for hours, he declared he would probably never, ever make them again for it seemed the line of hungry children with empty plates never ceased! Soon after the cleanup from lunch, whilst I was napping and generally lounging, he started in on some tasty pasta with bacon and mushrooms for dinner. He also had strawberry (and blueberry) shortcake for dessert, but we were all too stuffed from the days eating.

The talks at church were wonderful. In years past, I have felt overwhelmed and lacking after listening to story after story of so-and-so's angel mother...wondering how my own children would refer to me in the future. Slave Driver and Chore Lover came to mind. But this year, I just felt uplifted, hopeful, rejuvenated and that I was doing a good job and trying my hardest, so I should be happy and try to enjoy as much of the ride as possible.

After church, Dennis gave me a miniature pot of cilantro seeds that he decorated, along with a very sweet card. On the front is an illustration of what I am guessing to be myself and him. We have red, heart-shaped heads and our bodies are colored red with the word Love written on them. The inside reads, "My mom is special because she is pride (pretty).  I like it when my mom makes me food at hom.  I like to mak dinr with my mom.  I love my mom because she is Special."  I quite enjoyed it.

Miss B made me lavender bath fizzies and strawberry sea salt scrub. She also braided and brushed my hair for a good hour per my request.

Mr C put away loads and loads of folded laundry for me...awesome. He and Miss B also helped with the food and cleanup.
Q piled pillows on me as I lay on the couch, making a "cave" for me and was just generally and extremely cute.

The hubs got me the Shark I've been craving because we have so much tile and I loathe the mopping business...and we found it on clearance so I also got some sweet new Crocs for the summer (which were on sale too...how lucky is that). They are super comfy, easy to slip on, washable and cute...all requisite for summer footwear.

Sunday night my sweet, hard-working, cooking, cleaning husband, proclaimed that motherhood was for the birds as it was exhausting and all he did all day was cook and clean. Ha! That right there probably made my whole day. Validation is the sweetest gift.


  1. I think those are the first pair of crocs that I've seen that I actually like. Happy Mother's Day! Well, just a little belated.

  2. It's good for the guys to have a taste of motherhood - even if it is only one day a year. :) But you deserved all of the spoiling!! :)

  3. My mom LOVED when we would brush and play with her hair. Glad you had an enjoyable Mothers day.

    P.S. Love the Crocs.

  4. Sounds like you were well taken care of. Glad you had a great day with that validation comment at the end.

  5. Love it - great day! Funny that Landon was so tired. Good thing Mother's Day is only once a year!!

  6. You will love your Shark. I can't live without mine. Yay! So glad you had a wonderful monther's day. You deserve it!

  7. I thought you were going to say B brushed your teeth...shoes are cute!

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